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The Melissa and Doug Giant Plush Unicorn fulfills the dreams of any child enchanted with the magical world. My five-year-old daughter opened this gift from her grandmother on the morning of Christmas Eve. The entire day was spent in the world of imagination, in which the unicorn protected her from the darkness in the world. I was amazed at the complexity and length of her dramatic play. Perhaps the play was aided by our reading of Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s stone, in which a unicorn is slain for its life sustaining blood. Or perhaps the play sprung from deep in her imagination, as butterflies swarmed about. Combined with a set of silk play scarves, costumes emerged. As far as the ecofriendliness of the toy, it is made of synthetic fibers; however, it comes from a repudiatable company. The unicorn costs between $90.00-$120.00 and stands over three feet tall. This toy will not be readily discarded and well worth the investment. The only drawbacks to the giant plush unicorn, besides the cost, is it is rather unstable/top heavy and the small head appears somewhat out of proportion with the rest of the body . The unicorn does fall over easily, but the legs can be adjusted to help increase its stability.


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