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Magic Castle

The Ryan’s Room/Small World Toys Majestic Castle and Mighty Knights is a big hit in our home. The castle is quite large and can be arranged in a square or straight line. Many knights come with this wooden castle, perhaps gearing the toy to boys. My daughter quicky added her toy princesses and the fun began! The drawbridge comes up and down by turning a wooden peg connected to strings. On a few occassions, the drawbridge string has become entangled and the bridge would not lower the whole way to the floor. It is easy to untwist, but I doubt a young child could fix it on their own. The knights, bugler, and horse are made of plastic, however the rest of the features are made of wood. Like other Ryan’s Room toys, don’t recycle the box until you have cut out the banners and flags to affix as decorations. The castle is easy to assemble by popping the plastic dowels into the predrilled holes. On one occassion a plastic dowel popped out, but it easy to pop back in. The plastic connectors are what give the castle the flexibilty to be configured in different shapes.


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