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Wooden Parking Garage

Living in a family of all girl children, my access to typical “boy” toys was limited to other people’s houses. One of my early childhood memories is playing with my best friend’s brother’s plastic parking garage. I loved working the elevator and letting gravity pull the cars down the ramps. When I saw a wooden version of the parking garage, I had to buy if for my son’s birthday. Actually, my daughter was the one that found it and really wanted it for herself. She tried to convince her dad to build her one.

Wheel Town Parking Garage is available through Hearthsong for about $60. Made of wood, this natural toy replicates the plastic version of the toy. The Wheel Town Parking Garage has three different levels and comes with a working elevator, helicopter pad (helicopter sold separately), gas pump island, one car, and a car wash. There is place where you can attach wooden railway or roadway tracks and expand the play. Additional accessories are available, such as a Wheel Town Fire Station and Wheel Town Gas Station. This natural toy is rated for children three and above, but as long as your child doesn’t place the car or gas pump nozzles in their mouth, I believe it can be used with younger children. There is not a day that goes by without my son playing with his Wheel Town Parking Garage. Unfortunately, our elevator does not work as smoothly as it did when the toy was new, but I am sure it is fixable (if I had the time to figure it out!)
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