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Gap Kids: Kids Clothes Made By Kids

Gap Unveils New ‘For Kids By Kids’ Clothing Line
The Onion, always entertaining with a hint of truth, put together this video about Gap’s use of child labor. In 2004, the Gap admitted to child labor violations.


  1. Wow. Even though I get her clothes at a resale shop, I will still feel guilty buying used GAP clothes. Thanks for this! Any recs on where to find clothes for baby that are affordable and made in the USA?

  2. Jennifer Lance says:

    Very good question Erin! I willl have to do some research, but I did find this listing http://www.greenpeople.org/BabyApparel.html. Affordable and made in the USA don’t always go together, and just because it is made in the USA, does not guarantee the workers are paid living wages, given health care, etc. I have to admit, my children have a lot of clothes from Old Navy and the Gap, because they are affordable and cute. I couldn’t find any recent info on this company using child labor still, so I hope they have improved. They stated that they did not use children under 14. I am with you on this one…..let us know if you find any good sources.

  3. Ami Scott says:

    Yes, I’d like to know some other resources too. I make a some of my kids stuff, but I can’t make everything (just don’t have the time). As it is I’ve been boycotting WalMart for over six months when I found out about their child labor. I’ve never been able to afford to shop at the Gap so I won’t be missing anything there.

    One question I have though. My husband is a full time student, so we have a very tiny income. When I do have to buy stuff for the kids, I’ll usually go to Ross since the children’s consignment store here charges way too much for used stuff. Any idea where Ross gets it’s merchandise? Is it overstock from other companies or something?

  4. Jennifer Lance says:

    I don’t know where Ross gets their merchandise, but I assume it is from overstocks or items that did not sell in other stores before seasonal changes. I looked at their website, but I didn’t find any info. I have seen some very nice wooden toys at Ross. I don’t know anything about the company’s ethics or how they treat employees.

  5. christie otts says:

    It is very important to stay current with issues such as child labor violations in developing nations. However, after reviewing Gap’s online reports and seeing how earnestly they are making changes, I wouldn’t be too quick to write them off! They are one of few large corporations that is being honest about shortcomings and problems. That’s a lot more than I can say for most companies. After a recent trip to Cambodia, specifically, I can tell you that the jobs they bring to locals there is invaluable. Maybe do your own research before making a final decision.

  6. Jennifer Lance says:

    Thank you for your comment Christie. I do think that the ad made by the Onion used older information on GapKids, as I did search the internet for current information on the issue, and only found old articles; however, I do think we need to be aware of child labor issues, as well as sweatshop conditions.

  7. Anonymous says:

    gap kids were just on the news this weekend for using child labor. i saw it on nbc or fox-it is sad!


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