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Green Family Values: My Body My House Review

My Body My HouseMy Body My HouseWith environmental issues on the forefront of many peoples minds these days, there has been an increase of children's literature on the subject. My Body My House is one such book that focuses on the choices we make in our home that affect our body's health. Written by Lisa Beres and illustrated by Juila Woolf, My Body My House addresses "sick building syndrome", suspected as being responsible for almost half of the illnesses in this country.

My Body My House begins with a man living in a healthy home, surrounded by trees, heated with wood, and providing a garden with fresh vegetables. Soon, the Body (man) begins to notice his neighbors and feel the need to "keep up with the Jones's". He begins to remodel his home, wanting to do so cheaply and not concerned with the toxicity of the buidling materials. He replaces hardwood floors with carpeting, seals the windows, uses insecticides to kill bugs, etc. The House continues to warn the Body he is creating an unhealthy environment, but the Body continues to remodel. "'But you don't understand,' the House started to gush. 'My air now contains pollution and dust. You've added new things. I'm no longer the same. Look in the mirror, only YOU are to blame.'" The Body continues to become ill from the indoor air quality, until he eventually opens a window, breathes in fresh air, and discovers the error of his ways. "He reached his arms out and hugged his dear friend. 'Don't worry, wise House, these problems I'll mend!' Then he skipped out the door, not a minute to spare, spotting all of his friends as he leaped in the air. Butterflies, trees, birds, bugs-everyone. And the Body now realized we are woven in one."

Inside the BookInside the BookMy almost six-year old daughter enjoyed My Body My House; however, there were a few aspects of the book she said she would have changed. First, the text does not follow a consistent rhyming pattern. Some lines rhyme, some do not. When reading orally, a rhythm begins to develop on some passages, only to be abruptly changed a few lines later. In addition, it bothered her that the character was referred to as the Body throughout the book. I understand the author's choice of the Body to reinforce the parallels between our homes and our bodies; however, this choice created an awkard storytelling experience. The goal of the story to educate parents and children about the relationship of our homes to our health and the environment is good, yet the awkardness of the text makes me think this book will not stand the test of time as a great environmental children's book. The illustrations match the light, whimisical text well.

Green NestGreen NestAuthor Lisa Beres is the owner and cofounder of Green Nest, a site devoted to creating healthy homes. Green Nest informs us that, "According to the EPA research, on average, the air inside our 'Nests' typically contain levels of pollutants 2-5 times higher than the air outside and in extreme cases can be 100 times more contaminated. The average American spends about 90% of their time inside. It is no wonder the EPA ranked indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks to public health." Choosing safer cleaning products, air purifiers, green building materials, etc. are all ways we can minimize our exposure to indoor air pollutants.

Although I can not give high praises to My Body My House, I appreciate the message and believe it is an important one. This book is the first in series The Body Series: Big Lessons for Little People. Teaching our children about and protecting them from the dangerous chemicals in our homes is an important green family value, and I appreaciate Lisa's efforts. In addition, a portion of all book proceeds are donated to the Children's Health Environmental Coalition: Healthy Child, Healthy World. This nonprofit organization is devoted protecting children and educating parents about harmful environmental exposures. It is an incredible resource that every parent should visit and support often.

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  1. As a parent, I too, have this book for my child. I think it is a wonderful tool which introduces the importance of living in a healthy home to children at an early age. My son loves the book & illustrations! I would recommend this to any parent concerned about health.

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