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Tip o' the Day: Boil Those Weeds Away!

Photo Courtesy of What's Cooking AmericaWeed Killer: Photo Courtesy of What's Cooking AmericaToday's tip comes from one of our readers, who will earn two $5 wind power cards from Renewable Choice Energy. Chimneyballoon of Wisconsin has a suggestion for removing weeds from sidewalks and driveways.

I have a unique way of getting the creeping charlie weeds to stop taking over my driveway cracks. I love to buy produce from the Skellys market cart guy that sets up shop at the roller rink parking lot 2 blocks from me every summer. I buy a lot of corn and watermelon from this guy, and I love to buy local as much as possible. I often cook big pots of this corn on my outside boiler and I couldnt find a spot to dump the boiling water when I was done. One day I dumped it on my driveway and realized that it killed the unwanted weeds that had infiltrated the cracks in my driveway. Voila! natural weed killer! Now I use my spaghetti water on it to, and my zuchini water, and my bean water….you get the picture.

Thanks Chimneyballoon! I have used the boiling water method to remove poison oak, which is difficult to do naturally from my property. Many organic gardeners I know have resorted to Round Up to kill the irritiating poison oak, but I refuse to use herbicides on my land. Boiling water is a great option, especially since you may otherwise just pour it down the drain. This method is only appropriate in areas where there are not other plants growing that you would like to protect, and the weeds may return if the water does not reach their roots. This is especially a great option for canners, who have lots of boiling water to spare during canning season. For further ideas about removing weeds, visit Amy's Tip o' the Day: Weed out the Weeds.

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  1. Maria Surma Manka says:

    I tried this out – and hey! – it worked. Great tip!


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