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Rope Ladder Gross Motor Fun

A Rope Ladder is a great eco toy for outdoor fun. This Rope Ladder, available from Magic Cabin, is made of sanded hardwood rungs. The nylon rope is the least eco-friendly part of the toy, but a more natural fiber would not hold up to outdoor weather. The Rope Ladder is rated for children 5 years and older; however, we have had a rope ladder hanging from a tree since my daughter was three-years-old. Our ladder came from Ikea, but it appears it is no longer available.

Climbing on a Rope Ladder is more challenging than climbing a stationary ladder, thus it helps continue the gross motor development of older children. A Rope Ladder swings as a child climbs making the task more challenging. A Rope Ladder could be hung indoors, as well, but we are always looking for outdoor toys that don’t crowd our small cabin.


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