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Change is in the Air

It is not only the weather that is changing around here at Eco Child’s Play: change is in the air. All I can say is we have big plans, all of which should be ready in time for San Francisco Green Fest. At this point, I will give you one clue: Green Options. Stay tuned…

With all the changes to Eco Child’s Play, I have started a new blog on children’s literature. Good Friends, Good Books. It is in its infancy, but I am excited to have started a new adventure in blogging. The purpose of this new blog is to review children’s literature, as well as provide a space that teachers, parents, and children can submit their own reviews of favorite books. Eventually, there will be free prizes for children’s submissions, and of course, funds will be donated to the Literacy Site.


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Congrats! Change is usually a good thing. I look forward to seeing the changes in store for Eco Child’s Play, and I have subscribed to your new feed for Good Friends, Good Books!


  2. It’s true, I grew up hating to read. Now I write action-adventures & mysteries especially for boys 8 – 13, who also may not like to read.

    NEWSPAPER CAPER, TERROR AT WOLF LAKE, NORTH WOODS POACHERS, MOUNTAIN CABIN MYSTERY, BIG RIG RUSTLERS, SECRET OF ABBOTT’S CAVE & LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF, are compared by readers and reviewers to Tom Sawyer, The Hardy Boys, Huck Finn, Nancy Drew, Tom Swift, Scooby-Doo, Lemony Snicket, and adventure author Jack London.

    My blog, Books for Boys, ranks in the top 5 on Yahoo and the top 20 on Google and you can find it at http://booksandboys.blogspot.com There you will also find links to my author’s web site and another blog with 50 pages of reviews.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Thank you,

    Max Elliot Anderson

    Now, from an author who hated to read…comes books kids hate to put down.

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