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Natural Hand Sanitizer That is Safe for Children

315t0uqkoil_aa280_.jpgOne challenge of working in a rural school is the well water! About two months ago, my school failed its safe drinking water test. While we awaited for a new water tank, UV filter, etc., we became dependent upon hand sanitizer and wipes to keep the children’s hands clean. Most commercial hand sanitizers contain a large amount of alcohol, which can cause accidental alcohol poisoning or intoxication in children, besides these products are unpleasant to smell. Since my son was in the hospital in August, I have carried around EO Hand Sanitizer in my purse. Although this product is made with organic lavender and smells wonderful, it leaves a film on my hands that I can’t stand. Recently, I discovered CleanWell Hand Sanitizer and Wipes.

CleanWell products are all natural and kill 99.99% of germs naturally with a combination of plant oils called “Ingenium”. The active ingredient on the labels of both the CleanWell Hand Sanitizer and Wipes is thyme oil. The company was founded by a concerned father whose son was born with an immune system disorder. CleanWell Sanitizer is a spray, which mists a light layer of the product on your skin. There is no strange residue left on your hands, and it leaves your skin soft. My son, who has super sensitive skin, has not had any negative reactions to CleanWell products. Of course, CleanWell’s products are not tested on animals. The Hand Wipes are strong and large, and in fact, I think you could clean several children’s hands with them before tossing them. You can read CleanWell’s excellent blog by clicking here.

I used to question the need for hand sanitizer and worried that the current craze to kill germs was creating super bugs. Although this is a valid concern, there are times when hand sanitizer and/or wipes are useful. For instance, when eating lunch on the beach or after a hike in the woods when your child has been picking up critters and mushrooms, hand sanitizing is a must! I also sanitize my children’s hands after we leave the doctor’s office, to be sure they didn’t pick up any germs on their way out. Another useful time for hand sanitizing is on long road trips. Gas station bathrooms are scary places, and a few sprays of CleanWell Hand Sanitizer gives this mother some peace of mind. Although hand sanitizers will never replace good old fashioned hand washing, CleanWell products are the best substitute I have found when a sink and soap are not available.


  1. I have used several different hand antibacterial sanitizer and soil repelling cleansing gel, and I do not think that I have found one particular one that I find better than the others, and I would like to know if you have one that you think is superior, and if you do would you please pass it on to me? I would be very appreciative. Thank you, Paul.

  2. Paul, I do think the CleanWell products are the best I have used. For hand soap, I use the liquid soap by EO.

  3. I’m so glad to know about this. With a three-year-old in preschool, he’s been bringing all sorts of germs home to his six-month-old sister. Do you know of any stores that sell this? I’ll check Trader Joe’s and Wild Oats…

  4. Michelle, I honestly have not seen CleanWell in our local coop or health food store. You can order if from Amazon from one of the links in the post.

    Preschools are full of germs! I definitely get sick more often as a preschool teacher than I did as an elementary school teacher.

  5. I just found out that CleanWell is available nationwide at Target.

  6. Believe it or not, I just picked up this product in Target (which is the only store in my area that carries the Method products) and I love it! My hubby teaches third-grade and his immune system is comprimised by Lyme Disease so this was a great find!

  7. Thanks so much for this article. I’ve been wondering how we could replace our Purell, and this really helps!
    On a side note, I have to admit that I thought it was kind of unfair when I read your article about making a rule that the relatives couldn’t get your kids toys for Christmas. . .and then I saw some of the things my son got for Christmas! He got a LOT of great things, but he also got a few things that really made me sympathize with your stance.

  8. Karen,
    Just to clarify, the no toy rule was my husbands, not mine. We did get some toys from relatives, but I have to say we steered them towards what are children wanted and what we could live with too! We got some great stuff from Plan Toys and lots of art supplies. I feel good, because there isn’t a single thing my children got that I don’t want in my home or for them to play with, and I don’t think any feelings were hurt or anyone suffered.

  9. I also picked up (at Target) the Clean Well foaming hand soap for my kitchen…also great

  10. I also use this hand sanitizer, and it works wonderfully.

  11. Be careful with these products. They only kill germs for 15 seconds after use. There’s another eco-friendly hand sanitizer out there called SkinWear that does the same thing but protects your hands from germs for up to 8 hours after use. Give it a shot. It’s totally safe for kids as well.

  12. I really want to try out the Clean Well products after reading everyone’s comments and the Clean Well website. Just as an FYI, Method soap products are by no means chemical free or natural. In fact they contain the chemical propylene glycol which is found in many soaps and other products people use on a daily basis. Be careful of the term “Natural” because it is very misleading. Propylene glycol is a toxic chemical. The FDA states that propylene glycol is “generally recognized as safe.” Doesn’t sound too convincing, does it? lol. Another company to avoid is Tom’s.


  1. Ralph says:


    Wow! This was a really enlightening article….

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