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The Business of Being Born

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  1. Kendra Holliday says:

    I can’t wait to see this documentary. I just read Naomi Wolf’s Misconceptions, an excellent book on this hospital racket. I had an episiotomy when I gave birth a few years ago and wasn’t even asked, it was part of the routine. My birth plan went right out the window the moment I entered the hospital.

  2. I have not read that book. I had amazing midwifes. They thought about an episiotomy with my my first, but they had never done one in their 25 years of birthing babes, as they usually aren’t needed. My daughter took 19 hours, and her head was crowned for awhile. They decided to be patient, as my daughter was doing fine, so she came out on her own. Both my babes were born into water. One of these days, I plan to write a post reflecting upon my water births.

  3. Kendra Holliday says:

    I saw this documentary last night! It was fascinating. I didn’t realize how different US is from all the other countries when it comes to how we handle labor. Very sobering. The woman in the doc were utterly beautiful, amazing goddesses.

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