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The Therapeutic Qualities of 100% Natural Silk Caps

Born Silks baby capI’ve always been a big fan of silk, ever since I became a fiber artist in college. When I became a parent, I never came across this natural fiber in children’s clothing. Now that has changed! Born Silks offers 100% natural silk caps for newborns to toddler aged children.

Did you know that silk is a therapeutic fiber?  Natural silk is soothing, breathable, insulating, and hypoallergenic.  The insulating qualities of a silk baby cap protects the child’s ears from harmful noises, as well as keeps the baby warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather.  Sick contains a gum called sericin, which is a pure protein that treats and cools skin irritations.  I wonder if wearing a silk baby cap would help with cradle cap.
Born Silks natural silk fiber caps are absolutely beautiful. The hats have ear flaps and a tie for under the child’s chin.  At first glance, the caps appear to run small, but both of my children have large heads so I may not be the best to assess the size.  The caps do stretch upon the child’s head though.
Born Silks  is a family-run company:

We decided to start our company and this site based on a natural and organic approach to parenting. Our combined experiences have reinforced our belief that choosing quality clothing is one of the most important decisions a parent can make for their young ones. Health, comfort and an underlying belief that the natural way is the better way, are all reasons to feel good about investing in your children’s well being.

The baby’s head is the largest and most sensitive part of the body. It only makes sense to use therapeutic silk to cover your child’s head and protect them from extreme temperatures.  I also feel good about supporting family-run companies that share my green family values.

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  1. Is silk something that can be grown or certified as organic? I was looking into bamboo head caps but read an article at http://www.organicbabywearhouse.com , that bamboo requires heavy toxins to be sprayed to make it soft. Is that the same for silk?

  2. I don’t think that I have ever seen silk certified organic, and you are correct that most bamboo is processed with heavy chemicals, but some is not.

    There is something called peace silk which is more humane, but it is hard to find available commercially.

    The two fibers are very different. Silk comes from worms, and the fiber is easily removed. During conventional silk production, the silkworm is killed as it is boiled and the fiber unwound. Bamboo is like linen, in that the fiber is in the center of the stalk, so the plant material needs to be removed to get to the fiber. The more eco-friendly way to do this is to rot the plant material away from the fiber, if I recall correctly.

  3. I am just wondering how silk can be certified as organic? Isn’t the silkworm killed in order to access their silk?

  4. In the majority of silk production, yes the silkworm is killed when it is boiled in its cocoon. Peace silk is produced on a small scale, where peace the moths are allowed to emerge from their cocoons and complete their full life cycle before the silk fiber is removed.

  5. That’s awesome! Thank you for letting me know. :)

  6. Thanks for pointing out that the silk worm is killed in the process as many overlook this and I am happy to hear that there is a company that is being conscious about this process 😎

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