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Celebrate the Earth: Outdoor Fun with Your Family for Earth Day

Child with Earth ballTomorrow is Earth Day, and here at Eco Child’s Play, we have a full week of posts to celebrate every day being Earth Day. This week, we will be featuring mostly posts about outdoor fun with your child. Children need to experience time outside to appreciate our Earth and witness its beauty firsthand. Look for posts about gardening with your child, outside art projects, human sundials, music in nature, etc. We hope that our readers will also leave comments sharing their great ideas for outdoor fun with their children.

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  1. Here at TitanTv, we’re so proud to hear that everyone is chipping in and doing their best to participate in Earth Day 2008. Here is a funny piece we did, while informing people in the streets of New York, how they, too, can have a great April 22nd.



  1. […] Eco Child’s Play placed an observative post today on Celebrate the Earth: Outdoor Fun with Your Family for Earth DayHere’s a quick excerpt […]

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