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Green, Eco Wooden Toys: Anamalz Organic Maple Poseable Animals

Anamalz elephantChildren are fascinated by animals. Perhaps they feel a closer connection to our furry friends than adults, or perhaps their fascination stems from their cravings to learn about the world around them. Playing with toy animals opens up possibilities for dramatic play beyond dolls and blocks, as well as complements these traditional toys. You’ve probably seen the plethora of plastic animals in toy stores, from zebras to giraffes, but the wooden toy animal options are usually simple cutouts that are hardly recognizable as animals. Anamalz are different, in that they truly look like animals, are made from wood and felt, and are poseable.

I first read about Anamalz in a post titled “What Makes Toys Green” on Z Recs. I was intrigued and had to get a set for my family. These are the first wooden toys I have encountered to be made from organic wood! Designed in Australia and made from non-toxic European materials, these maple animals are interactive and encourage creative play. Children can bend, balance, intertwine, move, etc. to their heart’s content without breaking these quality toys. Anamalz comes in 30 different species, including a 7 foot tall giraffe! Of course, my favorite is the elephant.

Each Anamalz is branded with its own unique code, which can be registered online by giving the animal a name and printing a certificate, if desired. Also, a portion of each purchase is used to support wildlife organizations around the world. At about six dollars a piece, these organic wooden toys are affordable and make a nice gift or party favor. Anamalz are another wonderful eco toy from Hape Toys.

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