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Curriculum Vitae: More Makings of a Green Mommy Blogger (Part 2)

Yes, that is a Women’s Lib patch (I’m sure both Glorias are kvelling). No, you cannot have it, I’m quite certain that the Smithsonian will offer me a gazillion dollars for it some day (it’s my fantasy, leave it alone…). Yes, those were my overalls, and then they were my cut off shorts, as I grew my mother sewed part of an old skirt bottom onto it and a few months later a second was added. She is awesome. Eco-couture should be renamed “Jessica’s Mom’s Idea in 1974” stat.

For the record I am not advocating dressing your child like it’s 1974 again. I would, however, take your kids to the fabric store and see if there are any patches that catch their eye. With back to school shopping just around the corner maybe a few well placed patches could get them more excited about using last year’s backpack?

Cut offs are simple to create, just grab a scissor and a too short pair of jeans, right? Wrong. If you take a few extra moments you’ll be delighted with the outcome. Have your child put on the pants and, determine where you want to cut. Now add an inch or two and use a piece of sewing chalk or even plain white chalk and make your line. Why do I recommend you add an inch? Uh, ever cut your own hair? Yeah, me too, it wasn’t pretty. Another good reason to add an inch or two is because you/your child might enjoy the cuff.

Here’s the real secret. Add a seam. It doesn’t have to be a pretty seam; it can be blue or a contrast color but add one quick and easy seam so the shorts don’t unravel and fall apart. If you want to add a skirt at the bottom for your little girl that’ll be fine too, and my mother won’t even sue you for copyright infringement. There are quite a few bloggers out there that will guide you through the process of deconstructing your jeans into shorts.

So does a resume make me an expert on green parenting? No. Jane and Alexander do, I need to leave the world lovely for them. My overalls also make me expert, and the shorts they became, the short dress and the long dress too. Take your kids to the fabric store and when you’re hovering at the remnant bin think of me. You’ll be making your children experts on eco couture.

Don’t forget to post pictures of your creations and leave me a link in the comments!

*If you missed part 1 it’s here


  1. My mom used to make all of our clothes. She stopped doing that when she started teaching full-time. We have a cabinet full of church-directory-family portraits that feature the various creations. I miss those days. I have an extremely old sewing machine up in my guest room and have yet to even open it.

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