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Soybean Fiber is the Upcoming Eco-friendly Material for Baby Clothes

First it was Organic cotton, then bamboo was the next big star in Eco-friendly textile. Well here come the latest craze, the green yet ultra soft fiber, Soybean textile is the new must have. Not that we are starstruck here at Eco Child’s Play, but Halle Barry, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Garner are few green celebrity moms who are snatching these babies up. Soybean, being touted the “vegetable cashmere” is a great renewable resource and utilizes the cradle to cradle method. (It’s a byproduct of leftover pulp from tofu and soymilk production). The Babysoy, first company to make baby clothes out of Soybean is modern and uber stylish to boot. According to their website:

Baby Soy clothing is made out of Soy bean fiber, an eco-friendly fiber that uses renewable natural resource (leftover pulp from tofu and soymilk production) as raw material. It has an incredible soft-to-hand feel, second-skin comfort (fiber contains 20 amino acids), luster, loft and drape, combined with durability, and good wear. Its porous structure and grooves on the fiber surface brings excellent wet permeability and warmth retention keeping wearer warm and dry.

Babysoy was an inspiration from a first time mother, Amy, who wanted to create a soft, wearable baby clothes without causing harmful impact on the planet. The inspiration came to a collaboration when lifelong friend, David, visiting the newborn, introduced the soy fiber to the Eco-conscious and designer mom. The duo created the Babysoy line and the company was launched in March 2006.Babysoy features modern layettes that’s perfect for a baby shower gift. Even non-green moms can appreciate these stylish duds without sacrificing Eco-conscious aspect of it. I really love the Kimono inspired onesies and the colors are mother earth inspired but easily matchable within the Babysoy line. The clothing line runs up to 4T Toddler.

Babysoy also does its part by paying fair wage to the artisans who create these Eco-friendly baby clothes and also by donating portion of their sales to Healthy Child Healthy World and Half The Sky.

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[This post was written by Susie Kim.]


  1. GREAT post, thanks for the updated and can’t wait to buy some soybean fiber clothes for my sister baby!!!!

  2. It’s always great to have a variety of eco-options, and just in time as bamboo was beginning to become overused.

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