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Tasty Baby Review: Food I Refuse To Eat

Hah! Another completely misleading title from me. I refuse to eat this because it’s baby food and, frankly, my kids are bigger and I’ve done my time. If you’ve got a baby though, you’ve got to get some of this goo food for him/her.

My neighbor has an infant who is just adding solids (squishy ones) to her diet. Like many other really great parents my neighbor wants to feed her daughter good organic foods. She loves the idea of making it herself and freezing it all into little cubes a la Martha Stewart.

But she’s too farking tired.

In any event, the UPS guy came and brought her this.

and this too.

I know, you’re thinking, “Wow Jessica, how totally unremarkable is that? It’s organic baby food, just like I see at Kroger.” You’re wrong. Tasty Baby is not only organic, but their packaging is sustainable and BPA free.

Because Tasty Baby is really a couple of Moms on a Mission (read not corporate greenwashing), they are able to stay true to their mission. They have wisely created an online community of moms who care, sometimes that first year can get lonely.

At the moment they’re only in New York, Wisconsin, Maryland and California, but you can get free shipping when you buy online at Amazon. The neighbor’s baby loved it, and we’re using the all the left over “jars” (platic thingies – what do you call them?) for sorting Legos and packing snacks.

It’s a good company with a solid philosophy. The kind that I like to see grow and prosper.

Jessica Gottlieb is raising two children in Los Angeles, and she writes about it at her blog. This is an original post to Green Options.


  1. Yum for the kiddos. I love to hear about companies like this. Way to go moms!

  2. While I love hearing about companies like this, it really is not that hard to cook & freeze your own organic baby food. I mean REALLY not hard.
    Let me put it this way: When my older son was a baby, I was a single, working mama and still had time to do it. I simply did it when I got home from work/on my day off and the did bulk cooking and freezing. It hardly took any time. I’d cook cook and puree vegeatbles (start with veggies, not sweet fruits!) and grind nuts/grains (when he was up to that stage), and of course followed the “four day rule” to check for food allergies.
    Sorry if that sounds “holier than thou.” But really, I just want everyone to know that it’s quite easy.
    Now I’m a WAHM and of course have the ability to do it again!
    (Note: corn should not be a stage one food. It’s a pretty common, though light, food allergy. If anything, start with the healthy, good fat perfect fruit: avocado.)
    Happy eating! And thanks for bringing this company to light as a third source of food: the first being breastmilk, the second homemade grub, and the third being the just-in-case frozen organics.

  3. Cate, I totally believe you, but I am just SO LAZY. :)


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