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Finding the Wrapping Love with Didymos, The Organic Woven Baby Carrier

didymos baby carrier

I am a big advocate of baby wearing and either I or my significant other wear our daughter on a daily basis. Studies and experts have proved that baby wearing encourages natural bonding and it’s a great colic reducer. If you have a fussy or a high needs baby defined by Dr. Sears; then baby wearing is a must. Wrapping is a type of baby carrier that seems to have a highly emotional attachment both to the mother and the baby. Like a big blanket or comforter that comforts; wrapping is a great way to keep your baby close to you while leaving your hands free to do other things. Wrapping is an art that is used by many indigenous countries; however it has taken modern societies by a storm. Mothers who wrap can attest, there’s an invisible cord of attachment that surrounds the act of wrapping.

Didymos, a german company that produces these beautiful woven wraps, are the best of the best in the world of woven wraps. Didymos, a company started by Erika Hoffman in 1972 makes the finest wrap that utilizes organic fabrics such as wool, cotton, and even silk. Didymos also released a limited edition of ultra luxe cashmere wrap that’s highly sought after.

Didymos did not invent baby wearing. However; since 1972 Didymos has originally developed and manufactured all the tying methods described in their booklet (and there are tons) as well as their quality, shape (tapered ends) workmanship and sizes. Using their German ingenuity and craftsmanship; Didymos created the modern version of wraps that are safe, easy to use, and definitely get attached to. I bought a limited silk indio, sold it, and had a big wrap regret. I found another one in a trade with another baby wearing mama, and she is on her way here. I can assure you, the wrap is here to stay.

Although Didymos wraps are expensive (around $150–$300); the wraps are created using only

and pesticide free materials. They also do not out source the work to third world countries; therefore, giving their workers fair wages. Didymos is a great company that fosters the baby wearing and also thinks of their impact on Mother Earth. Didymos wraps can also be used as a blanket or a baby hammock. It’s versatility in its use is also a plus.

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[This post was written by Susie Kim.]


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