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New Ideas and Creative Thinking: "Things To Be Happy About" Website Offers Fun Questions and Free Lesson Plans for Kids

Recently on our sister site Feel Good Style, we talked about creating happiness for us and everyone around…In reading it, did you discover the free creative lesson plans and questions for awakening kids minds? They are so fun!

For example, lesson plan idea number one for getting off to a great start with a new team (both in the classroom and out) is:

“Sometimes in life you have to stop and smell the roses. We sometimes forget to note what makes us happy. This ice-breaker is designed to make the student think about and note what things make them happy.

What makes us happy? Ask each student to create a list. After the lists are completed, go around he room and have each student read five of their happy thoughts to the class. Depending on your grade level and the general atmosphere, you may want to add a little instruction on keeping this a clean and fun exercise.”

This kind of planning helps people stay positive, and attracts more happiness all around! Find your own unique or unusual questions, adaptations and ideas, these are just some starters to get you excited, and to have more fun with your kids of all ages.


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