Finding SAFER Products for Our Children

With the arrival of each new morning, I find myself swamped with new warnings and cautions about children’s products. I have to question everything… “Is this safe for my child?”. It is a frightening and alarming world we live in when we cannot trust the products which are made available to consumers every day.

While browsing some of my favorite blogs today, I came across a link to the Healthy Legacy Guide to Safer Children’s Products. Being a Mindful Momma, I clicked, read, printed (on recycled paper of course) and decided this needed to be shared.

The guide covers many topics in an easy to read format. There is information on Phthalates, BPA, Fragrance, Plastics, Breastfeeding, Cooking, Shopping and even has a handy pocket guide.

Take a look, maybe you will learn something new and at the very least you will have a handy reference guide. And thanks to the Mindful Momma Blog where I found this link!

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