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15 Zero Emissions Vehicles for Family Transportation: Eco-Friendly SUVs 2.0

[social_buttons]Gas prices are high and the economy is getting worse, but you still have to get yourself and your family to work, school, and the grocery store.

With a zero emissions vehicle that runs on any fuel you provide, you can save money, go green, and stay fit.

You don’t have to pay insurance, the maintenance is minimal, and you’ll be the talk of the town with one of these vehicles in your garage.

Zero Emissions

Zero Emissions Machine 4 Cycle

A sassy-looking machine from Zurich, Switzerland…


The Quadricycle is another sweet looking zero emissions vehicle. It can accommodate three adults and two children, plus all of your stuff.

It’s made in Canada and available in the color of your choice, with options such as a basket, kiddie seats, and a removable roof.

Quadricycle International



The Pedalcoupe’s four wheeled design with a custom trunk/child seat can carry more weight and a larger load than a bicycle with cumbersome side packs. The Pedalcoupe carries your groceries or a small child with ease, and comes in custom colors, with Shimano shifters and optional carbon fiber wheels. Also available with electric assist.

Very Eco

Very Eco is a pedal car from New Zealand, designed and built by an engineer to help improve his health and mobility.

Pull a trailer, like this guy, and it’s a great grocery-getter.

Each machine is built to order, and electric assist models are also available.

Very Eco

Tum Tum

The Tum Tum Car has independent suspension, 3 forward gears and one reverse gear, disk brakes, and carries up to 500 pounds.

An optional rear basket hauls your gear in style.

The Tum Tum also is available with a 35 CC gas engine capable of up to 30 MPH. (This version is obviously not a zero emissions vehicle.)

Tum Tum Car

Worksman Chariot

Worksman Cycles have been made in the US for over a hundred years, making them America’s oldest cycle makers! They’re the makers of the original Worksman Ice Cream Tricycle – “the Good Humor Ice Cream Man” and they still make mobile vending cycles.

Worksman Cycles has a 15KW solar panel installation on the roof of the factory that supplies about 25% of their electrical needs.

Worksman Cycles

California CruzerThe California Cruzer is made by the International Surrey Company, based in Texas. (Ironic, isn’t it…)

The Cruzer is the latest model, and has in-line pedaling, not side-by-side. This feature alone should make for a low-maintenance vehicle.

This model of surrey is designed for two adults and two kids, with a multi-speed transmission and a convertible awning.

International Surrey Company

Cosy CycleThe Cosy Cycle has some innovative features – Dual steering, individual drive-trains for each side, and a 21 speed mountain bike style Shimano gear shift.

One or both riders may pedal the Cosy Cycle. and it comes with a rear basket, chrome fenders, and an optional jump seat.

Cosy Cycle

Mainstreet pedicab

The Mainstreet Pedicab company is the largest manufacturer of pedicabs in North America. They are mountain-bike-style tricycles with cushioned seats and waterproof canopies.

The pedicabs have disk brakes, Shimano 21-speed drivetrains with a rear axle differential and have an electric assist version with high-capacity batteries.

Mainstreet Pedicabs

Wondering what to wear while pedaling? Check out these cycling shorts.

Six more great zero emissions vehicles for family transportation: Click on the pictures to get to the sites.

Little Deuce

Delfino surrey



Surrey DeluxeSelene


  1. Not the most practical mode of transportation for most locations, but at least the kids get used to the idea of respecting the environment as a standard way of living.

  2. Sorry, but I live in a tourist heavy shore community and we crack up when we see these things rolling down the street at 2 mph while Dad is red is the face from peddling, Mom is fixing her makeup, and the kids are playing with their Gameboy in the back.


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