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Green Gorilla: Create a Natural Thanksgiving Centerpiece

natural items for a fall Thanksgiving centerpieceEditor’s note: The following post originally appeared on Green Gorilla.  “Gorilla in the Greenhouse” is an action-packed animated web show that inspires kids to take real-world steps towards a healthier environment.  The show is distributed through the kid’s web channel Green Gorilla (www.greengorilla.com), which is host to a variety of kids activities, videos about issues important to kids, music and eco-merchandise.

Create a Natural Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Mom and Dad have got a lot going on these next two weeks before Thanksgiving.  Ordering the turkey, figuring out the stuffing, making pies…yummy! Why not help them out by creating an awesome natural centerpiece for the table? It’s the perfect opportunity to get your nature hat on and your creative juices flowing.

Go for a walk in a nearby park and collect anything that you think would look good on the table.  There’s loads of Autumn stuff out there…lightweight twigs, fallen leaves, pine cones, acorns. Go for whatever you can find based upon where you live…you want your Thanksgiving centerpiece to reflect your own part of the country. Look for natural objects of different shapes, sizes and colors.  The more variety you have on, they greater they will look on the table.

Once you’re back home, plan your color scheme.  For a really festive look, try painting some leaves gold.  Or sprinkle glitter over the pine cone. Then figure out how you’re going to organize your centerpiece.  Here are two ideas from the Greenhouse Gang.

Centerpiece In a Bowl

Place the bigger objects such as the pine cones in the center of your Mom’s favorite bowl. Surrounded them with smaller things like leaves, acorns and so on.  Then stick some lightweight twigs down into the arrangement; hold them in place with the pine cones or maybe some stones.

Read more ideas for natural centerpieces at Green Gorilla!


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