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Renewable Energy Offset Credits Lets You Power Your Laptop with the Wind

Wind Power

Looking for an eco-friendly gift this holiday season? How about a renewable energy offset for the computer lovers in your life?

Start-up company Powered Green offers a Wind Energy Sponsorship helping to stop hundreds of pounds of greenhouse gases by sponsoring new wind turbines that make enough clean, green energy to power a computer for seven years.

Computer energy consumption is a significant environmental issue today. Last year there were more than 440 million new computers purchased worldwide. Their electrical consumption will cause the release of more harmful pollutants into the atmosphere than 2.9 million U.S. homes if used for just four hours per day. You can offset the impact of your computer’s energy consumption and support new renewable energy sources with a Powered Green Wind Energy Sponsorship.

Powered GreenEach laptop credit pays for 690 kilowatt-hours of certified wind energy and stops 1030 pounds of CO2, for the low price of only $16. Desktop sponsorships are $28 and pay for 1300 kilowatt-hours of certified wind energy, stopping 1900 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Each one comes with a decal for your machine, letting you show of your commitment to renewable energy.

Powered Green purchases the credits from the Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center in Taylor County, Texas, which has 147 1.5-megawatt wind turbines spread over 22,500 acres.

To buy your renewable energy sponsorships or for more information, go to Powered Green.

Image: National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Photographic Information eXchange


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