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Children's Book: Tommy Tofu Saves the Day by Joanne Rose

Tommy Tofu Saves the Day by Joanne Rose is a delightful, entertaining, and lighthearted story about the adventures of four veggie friends; Polly Potato, Casey Carrot, Zachary Zucchini and Lucy Lettuce. These friends make being a vegetable cool which just may make eating veggies a much more awesome experience.

If you are teaching your child why eating Vegan is important (and fun!) this is the book for you. Even if you aren’t Vegan you may want to encourage your child to drink his soy milk and gobble up those fresh (organic) veggies, Tommy Tofu and the Veggie Bunch may be just the motivation your child needs.

Encourage some imaginative food play, add Tommy Tofu Saves the Day to your child’s bookshelf. You can purchase the book online for $6.95 from Joanne Rose’s website.

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