Organically Grown Affordable Baby Apparel by Organically Grown

organically grown baby apparelOrganically Grown not only describes this adorable baby apparel, but it also is the name of the company!  How they managed that in today’s growing green marketplace, I’ll never know, but the brand’s name speaks clearly to consumers.  Bob Stein, co-founder and CEO, explains:

We have the best brand name in the business…Organically Grown…it speaks for itself. It is instantly understood by the consumer as to who we are, what we stand for and what we are offering.

We are proud to deliver a high quality product at a value to the consumer made from 100% organic cotton.  There is a direct connection between what we wear and the effect it has on our planet.

Organically Grown’s baby clothes are super soft and adorable.  They are cuddly and made from the finest organic cotton.  I can’t wait to give the three piece set (hat, long sleeve onesie, and pants) to one of my favorite people in the world who just had a baby. Prices range from $20-$38 for this adorable, organic baby apparel.

Why is organic cotton better for our environment?

If everyone in the world switched from conventional cotton to organic cotton, we would stop 170 million pounds of toxic chemicals from being poured into our environment, every year.

Conventionally-grown cotton occupies only three percent of the world’s farmland, but it uses 25 percent of the world’s chemical pesticides.  I think that wearing organic clothing is just as important as eating organically for our planet’s health.


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