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Invasion of the Fat Belly Ads

invasion of the fat adsDear Reader,

We are sorry for the constant bombardment of ads promising you a flat stomach.  This is not a subtle hint that we think you are carrying around a few extra mommy pounds (or sympathy daddy pounds).  We don’t think you are stupid enough to believe in some fad diet.  Really, we love your body just the way it is.

You may have noticed these fat ads all over the internet. From Facebook to Digg, the fat ads are attacking the internet as we know it.  It’s like B horror flick where you can’t get away.

For weeks, we have been trying to stop these ads, but they keep sneaking back onto the site. We won’t give up!  What can you do? Go for a walk, eat vegetables, do yoga if you want to flatten your stomach.  We hope this nightmare of fat ads will end soon!


  1. Sorry to tell you that Fat Ads will always be with us. The best we can do is use common sense. If more people used common sense, educated themselves and ignored the costly promises of this gross marketing technique these products would disappear, but unfortunately that’s not going to happen.

  2. if you used adblock plus (google it), then you would have no idea what this is talking about.

  3. omg yes! I have been seeing that damn ad for about 2 months and I want it gone its disgusting to say the least.

  4. I’m becoming desensitized to it.. until I saw one today that actually JIGGLED! It was horrible.

  5. I’ve seen the jiggling one too. It is really gross.

  6. This sounds creepy. I’m glad i had the inspiration to use adblock plus.

  7. OMG thank you for addressing this. This ad follows me around like there is no tomorrow and I was beginning to think it was me. Well, it is me, technically, but srsly, go away fat belly!

  8. Adblock here

    Ads is a faggot

  9. I was wondering WHY we had this ad on ECP… just hadn’t gotten around to asking. Thanks for letting us know! GAH… as if we don’t have enough of our own bellies to look at… :)

  10. In my opinion if you are surfing the web with Internet Explorer, you don’t know what the internet really is. Download the free Firefox browser and Adblock plug in and you will simply be amazed at the difference. I am another one who doesn’t even know what that ad looks like.


    This article was cross-posted on cleantechnica.com with a link to here.

    WTF does this have to do with clean tech?

    I’ll tell you: NOTHING. The post on cleantechnica is an ADVERT for this website. No more, no less.

    And this website is way more pathetic than any picture of a fat belly. I mean, what’s with “the gDiapers solves the poopy diaper conundrum” link on the right?

    No! don’t answer! For God’s sake don’t tell me ANYTHING about the poopy diaper conundrum.

    You want to complain about sleazy ads? Go to cleantechnica and complain about their crossposting us straight into a website that deals with the poopy diaper conundrum.

  12. Rob, Obviously, you are not the target audience for Eco Child’s Play. The reason the post was crossposted across the Green Options network is as a network, we’ve been really frustrated with these ads. The editors suggested we reach out to all of our readers with this post. It was not intended to be an advertisement for ECP.

  13. I tried to find a donate button for Adblock once. Turns out Palant doesn’t want money. You *can’t* contribute. Just spread the word, he says. Make ads useless. Maybe they’ll finally go away.

    When I see crap like that fat ad, there’s no way to put a price on what he saves millions of us from!

  14. To all the ad-block users. Much as you may hate ads, if everybody used ad-block, then websites like this would record no ad impressions, meaning NO REVENUE, meaning that you wouldn’t have semi-professional blogs any more.

    “Make ads useless. Maybe they’ll finally go away.”

    Yes, and so will half the Internet – who do you think pays for all this stuff??

    Very selfish mindset..

  15. Haha take it easy Jennifer – I was just being a bitch for the fun of it :)

    Actually, the correct term is asshole since I’m a dude.

    FYI, I have an enormous degree of respect for any blog that publishes comments that slam the blog itself.

    When I have kids I’ll probably come back here so keep up the good work, poopers and all.


  16. Oooooweee! Thank you for the fat belly coverage, me and my lil pink family were all startin’ to think we were being brainwashed by the visual flab and blubber of other peoples waistlines…disturbing,at least we have not seen any with jewelry tucked in there navels woohoo…I think I would pass out from that! Of course to insert a gem in one of those belly buttons, lost for sure…”honey I lost another gemstone in my navel…could you get the tweezers”…yea and as my belly button gets deeper by the day the wonders of age and gravity…not from a lack of caring and we do have the diet of like uh a cross between a rhino and a uh some as yet to be undefinable creature not yet extinct…yes why the preoccupation with our midsections huh, perhaps we have a huge contest for the crazy…and all these tubby and unafraid can get it all out of there systems…like a pageant for all the misunderstood and overexposed bellys and tummys in the land, I am a little pink stuffed gorilla monkey that mommy won at the fair one year, and actually my belly button has a stitched lil’ X on it and I still got to pluck lil bits of yuck out of it, fast food scrumbles and whatnot… I can’t imagine those navels they must really get clogged with all sorts of stuff, anyway we are sure glad here at our house that we weren’t the only ones seeing naked fat big stomachs, I hope they all either get some help, get it all out…or learn the word…what was that mommy…Ma says they need to yea…thanks Ma’ they need to learn “Acceptance”…yea to accept there tummys just the way they are…I mean look at me even though you cant…mine has a stiched x shape on my belly and i dont got no problem with it…course i did call the Nanco people a few times to hear there side o’ the story…anyway…yea Mommy says I got to get off this keyboard…yea a big belly pageant…then they could put stuff in there navels…I just found out today what a “navel” is…its my belly button! Yea woohoo! They could see who has the most talented navel…and then…ok ma’…! I gotta’ go, we imaginary stuffed animals got lots a stuff to do! Peace and all that – I hope I dont see no more “navels”…heehee pinky & JT

  17. Rob, I did get a chuckle out of your poopy diaper comment. Don’t know what is about parenthood that makes you think everyone wants to hear about your child’s bowel movements.

  18. I use Mozilla Firefox with adblock plus addon and I never see any ad from any place on any website, ever. It’s actually nice to get back my internet.


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