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Make Craft Time a Family Time: Simple. Fun. Connected.

In a world of high tech gadgetry everywhere you look (iPods, flat-screen computer monitors, mp3 players, personal DVD players and the like) I sometimes yearn for the good old days when a coloring book and some crayons made me a pretty happy camper.  While we can’t change the past, we can (and should) change the future.

I’m not going to prevent my two boys from 21st century technology, but I’m also (carefully) squeezing in some old fashioned extra-curricular activities too.  Family craft time is one of those low-tech fun times that can be fairly simple yet memorable.

Maybe it’s those dough-art Christmas ornaments at holiday time.  Or…with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, perhaps a special “I Love You” craft is something the whole family can get involved with.

Remember:  Crafting doesn’t have to cost much.  It’s about the TIME you spend together.  Sharing the moment.  Creating something together.  Talking and listening.

One of my favorite family crafters is Amanda Blake Soule.  She lives in Maine with her husband and four children.  Click on over to her blog to learn more about her and to get some inspiration flowing in your house.  Soule has written a great book too:  The Creative Family — How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections.  [ISBN: 978-1-59030-471-6]  I bought the book a few months ago and found it to be a great resource.  With chapter titles like “Gathering”, “Being Resourceful” and “Celebrating Your Family”, I highly recommend this one.

By the way…If you’re looking for an online book source (other than the one that starts with an “A”) may I suggest Better World Books?  They offer free shipping in the U.S. and carbon-neutral shipping envelopes.  And they are all about world literacy and keeping books out of landfills too.  How’s that for green?

Okay…so the next time the kids say “We’re bored”, grab some craft supplies, gather everyone around the kitchen table and make something together.  You may be pleasantly surprised to find that this family time will help keep you together better than any glue out there.

Image:  Peter Kaminiski on Flickr.com under a Creative Commons License.


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