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Alternative Energy Education: Fuel Cells, Hydropower, and Global Warming Science Kits

Fuel Cell Car

Our sustainable future is only going to come with the full participation of the next generation, our children. Put the tools for learning about alternative energy and sustainable living in their hands with one of these fantastic science kits from Thames & Kosmos.

[social_buttons]Fuel cells are the future power source of not only cars, but laptops, cell phones, and other electronics. Give your kids the tools to learn the basic science behind them, with Fuel Cell 10: 10th Anniversary Car and Experiment Kit. Children ages 10 and up can build and operate a hydrogen fuel cell which powers a model car (included) with just water and sunlight. The kit comes with a 64 page full color experiment manual, and will be available in the fall of this year.

sustainable living

The Power House Green Essentials Edition teaches concepts in alternative energy and sustainable living with 30 experiments and 10 energy-related models. The kit includes the power house itself, a greenhouse, a solar cell array, a passive solar collector, a solar oven, an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a hydrometer, a lemon battery, and a wind power generator. For ages 10 and up, available now.


This summer, the Hydropower kit will be available, teaching children the science of water energy with twelve experiments and building projects. The power of water is one of the oldest sources of energy, and one which is completely renewable and natural. Experiments include building a waterwheel, a sawmill, a hammer mill, which all use water power for physical work; learning about water pressure with a water tower and a fountain; generating electricity with a hydroelectric power station; and learning how electricity can be generated by harnessing power from waves, tides, and rivers. Hydropower comes with a 48 page, experiment manual.

global warming

The Global Warming kit explores an issue of utmost importance, both environmentally and politically, by helping children understand both the science of climate change and how we can mitigate its effects. Kids will learn about the science of Earth’s climate system, weather, and atmosphere, conducting experiments that model our atmosphere and wind and ocean currents. The role of humans in climate change is investigated with experiments involving carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect, exploring the possible consequences of global warming on humans, ecosystems, and the global economy, and learning what actions can help protect the climate. The Global Warming kit comes with a 48 page full-color experiment manual and will be available this summer.

Thames & Kosmos has been making alternative energy & environmental science kits for almost ten years, and donates one percent of sales of their Wind Power and Hydropower kits to environmentally focused non-profits.

The new kits kits will be introduced at the American International Toy Fair, starting February 15th in New York City, so if you’re attending, stop by and tell them we sent you! If you want to purchase one of these kits locally, see the Thames & Kosmos’ website for store locations.


  1. Oscar Fernandez says:

    Hi, I am a senior in high school and I am doing my senior project and portfolio on Hydroelectricity. I am looking for a kit or something i can build to demonstrate how water can be used to generate electricity. Please email me if you can help.

    Thank You

  2. These kits are very useful. Thanks for posting.


  3. These toys are important to promote green lifestyle to the young. However, as parents, we must first live a green lifestyle. We are the best role model

  4. Thanks for posting!

    These kits are very useful.

    Love the hydropower cells



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