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Wooden Fairy Dolls from The Fairy Ring

Fairy DollsNatural dolls are almost impossible to find in conventional stores. Most dolls you can get at big box stores are made of plastic with phthalates and PVC. Cloth dolls can be found at specialty stores but they can be very expensive. Getting quality, natural, safe dolls for your little ones can be a tall order if you are on a budget.

Recently my little girl fell in love with small wooden fairy dolls from an etsy seller, The Fairy Ring. These dolls are simple, adorable, and very stimulating as far as creative play is concerned. Upon getting her first fairy doll, which she decided to name “Jewel”, she insisted on having more right away and they have been with her constantly ever since. When she takes a shower they hang on the shower door. When she goes to sleep at night they are held lovingly in her hand. Her dreams are now filled with fairies.

These little dolls have sustainable wood bodies and they are hand painted by the mom seller with non-toxic paints and finishes. I love the fact that these dolls are safe for my daughter to play with and they are planet friendly. I also love that they are made in the United States by a small business mom. Buying toys made close to home helps support US families and the US economy and that is important to me.

The dolls and other play items sold at The Fairy Ring help kids get involved with creative play and really use their imaginations to create a magical fairy world of their own design. In addition to dolls with adorable names like Lavender, Ivy, and Rose you can also buy little mushrooms, trees, fairy beds, and fairy home accessories. Since they are hand painted each item will have a unique look and feel. No fairy will look exactly like another. They really are special toys that provide countless hours of fairyland fun.

Photo credit: TiffanyWashko via Flickr

[This post was written by Tiffany Washko.]


  1. Those are so adorable!

  2. I have looked at these dolls and I am thinking they will be great for my Grand-Daughter,sorta like starting a keepsake tradition


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