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A Review of the Eco-Positive Children's Book: The Legend of Honey Hollow

The Legend of Honey Hollow book coverThe Legend of Honey Hollow by Jeanne McNaney is a great children’s book that introduces kids to the problems related to the destruction of animal habitat and global warming.

From the book-jacket:

“Honey Hollow is not a place known to humans, but it is well-known to the bears of the world. Bears travel tot his beautiful forest sanctuary to escape habitat destruction and global warming.

The Magical paradise has now been discovered by man. When the trees are cut down by developers, can the bears and the children of the loggers join together to save Honey Hollow for the future?”

The Legend of Honey Hollow  is a fabulous book that helps children become aware of the plight of forest and habitat destruction through the bears of the world. The enchanted forest is a great place for children to start learning about the importance of protecting the environment and saving wildlife from extinction. The bears of Honey Hollow show diversity and acceptance in simple ways that children can understand.

Honey Hollow demonstrates how bad things can be without making it overly gruesome but it isn’t over simplified either. It is enough to help children understand what is going on.

The author, Jeanne McNaney said this about the book, “I hope The Legend of Honey Hollow will bring environmental awareness to a younger generation. We must teach our kids how to keep a clean and safe world as they are the planet’s future.”

With all the questionable content out there aimed at children, this book is something that gives a positive message you can’t find fault with.

[This post was written by Wenona Napolitano.]


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