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Temporal Scanner: A Kinder, Gentler, More Exact, Green Thermometer

temporal artery thermometerI’ve got that special mommy touch:  I can touch my children and know if they have a fever. Where my mommy touch fails me in knowing how high a fever they have. When my children are really sick, I do rely on a thermometer.  We all know that mercury thermometers are toxic if broken and have been largely been phased out in the US.  The problem is every battery operated digital thermometer I have tried has not lasted very long, the batteries are hard to replace, and they spread germs if not properly sterilized between use (I don’t use those little plastic covers).  I think I have found the solution:  Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer.

Neither of my kids have liked having their temperature taken orally (actually, my son refuses).  I remember the temporal artery thermometer they used at the hospital after my son’s heart surgery, and I thought it was really cool. They are now available at a relatively affordable price (about $40). I am sure I have already spent that amount on cheap digital thermometers over the years.

The TemporalScanner Thermometer is a totally non-invasive system with advanced infrared technology providing maximum ease of use with quick, consistently accurate measurements. Advanced, patented technology measures temperatures with a gentle stroke across the forehead. The TemporalScanner Thermometer has been clinically tested for accuracy compared to rectal thermometers and temperature sensors inserted in the heart during course of patient treatment and accepted for use in major hospitals, making it the ideal thermometer for use with newborns, infants, children or adults. The TemporalScanner has patented software, providing arterial heat balance. This unique process determines temperature by accurately measuring the balance between the tissues warming from arterial blood and tissues cooling (warming) caused by heat loss (gain) to the environment.

What makes this thermometer green?  Other than the special mommy touch, I am not sure a truly green thermometer exists, but Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer is the closest I’ve found.  It does use LED lights, which will hopefully make the battery last a long time.  It also uses a silver ion self-disinfecting anti-microbial head that eliminates the need for plastic disposable covers. The silver destroys bacteria (including E. coli), mold, mildew and fungi, naturally and safely.  Of course, the packaging could be greener and the battery rechargeable, but it is super easy to use!  It takes two seconds to register your child’s temperature as you glide it across their forehead.

Of course, the best idea is to prevent colds and the flu in the first place, but even the healthiest person eventually succumbs.  Using a thermometer can help parents know when their child’s fever requires medical attention, medication, or can just be waited out.  Luckily, my children have never had a high enough fever to require intervention, but a friend of mine’s daugther just had a fever of 108 degrees. Knowing when to seek medical attention can prevent permanent damage.


  1. Yes, I agree; a temporal thermometer is great! I didn’t have one when my son was an infant and I wish I had. Taking temps is so easy now. I recommend this to all my friends!

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