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Three Simple and Fun Ways to Garden with Children

1. Begin by downloading this Center for Ecoliteracy free visual guide which promotes nature as our teacher.  The guide teaches that sustainable living is rooted in a deep knowledge of our natural world and that it is a community practice which can start with the family in the backyard. Feel free to share these lessons in natural systems with your child’s teachers too.

2.  If your child is still to young for reading, make gardening a part of playtime. Think of gardening like playing with toys, make a dollhouse garden, or a mini field for action figurines. The wee garden kit comes with a variety of little goodies to make your own enchanted miniature garden:

3. If you don’t have a backyard or window-box to play around with the ideas above, try bringing a little gem or two from the garden indoors and construct a one-of-a-kind terrarium. A terrarium is a looking glass that reminds us of the simple pleasures of the natural world. If you are thinking of one as a gift, check out this lovely example on etsy:


  1. A five-year-old friend has a wonderful time with his aeroponic garden, which is near the kitchen. How to get him to come to dinner? Ask him how his garden is doing! Another friend’s children have a winter hydroponic garden. These are not too expensive, not too messy, and a child can watch over them daily, regardless of the weather. This orients a child to “her” or “his” garden and, when Spring arrives, even a tiny plot can provide the next level of learning: fertilizer, root stimulator, weeding! Wouldn’t it be lovely if children learned to love weeding? Happy Spring to all.

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  3. Waheeda Osman says:

    I absolutely love the idea of a wee garden for the kids. where can I get the wee garden kit. Your assistace will be much appreciated.

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