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Kiss Up: A Kiss My Face Giveaway

Kiss My Face has been making natural and organic beauty products for 25 years now. To celebrate, let’s all doll ourselves up, shall we?

The eco-company is hosting a mass giveaway. You can be one of the first to try their 2 new lines: the Potent & Pure Facial Care, and the Sheer Organic Shimmers & Shines mineral lip care products.


Yep! You get each new line of “clean” facial care and beauty products, which contain no: parabens, phthalates, SLS, synthetic colors or fragrances. And Kiss My Face does not use animal testing or animal ingredients. (Because their Garnet Shimmer lip shine just doesn’t suit those white rabbits.)

The Rules? Pretty simple. Respond to this post and tell me:

What is your recent favorite Eco Child’s Play story? Don’t “kiss up” to me! Eco Child’s Play has some pretty heavy talent ’round here, so let me know the *must read* for you! What story did you pass on, or which blog gave you some righteous parenting news? Let me know what I may have missed while chasing around my brood.

Just give Eco Child’s Play a few kisses, and you have a chance to win these awesome new lines from Kiss My Face.

The contest ends on April 30. I’ll post the big winner on Monday, May 4. (And also ending on April 30, the savings at the Kiss My Face Store. Save 30% online through the end of the month.)

Best of luck, my pretties!


  1. There have been many that I’ve forwarded to friends and family, but recently the story by Jennifer Lance “I Use Toxic Bath Products on My Kids! Do You?” prompted me to dump (and recycle the bottles!) some products that I’d received as gifts and buy natural products to replace them.

  2. Christy W. says:

    I truely enjoy most of the stories here on ecochildsplay… but the ones I have found most intriguing lately are those covering home birth. I have never considered home birth for myself, but applaud those who do… it is beautiful! Also, I really appreciated Heather’s series on baby essentials [or are they?]. A lot of the stories posted here help push me to be a little more conscious of my footprint on this earth. Thank you.

  3. Okay one of the weirdest stories and grossest and one that made me think was: Placentophagy and Other Fun Uses for Afterbirth.

    It was so disturbing but interesting all the same.

  4. Julie A. says:

    What a great and fun giveaway!! I recently enjoyed the story on Rainwater. I think that is a wonderful and interactive way to help your kiddos get involved with your garden and not to mention kids always love being independent and helping their mom or dad out. I never would have thought about this, but being pregnant with our first baby, I am learning more and more all the time and taking lots of notes:) Thank you for this opportunity.

  5. AppleTree says:

    I have enjoyed the pro-life to pro-choice story and the text-monitoring software story yesterday…

    So many good things…

  6. Christina says:

    I find many of the posts interesting but the ones that were most interesting to me were about Johnson & Johnson bath products being toxic. I was raised using these products, my daughter and son both were using them and now we have made a switch to a more natural soap. Thank you for all the great information you all share!

  7. This is the first time I have ever been on this website. I have an 8 year old and twin 18 month old sons. We live in Central FL so I am constantly trying to find products that will protect my boys, but not harm them in other ways! So when I found this sight and saw the article on KINeSYS suncreen I was thrilled! Thanks! I will definately be passing this on to everyone I know that has children.

  8. The article I most enjoyed recently was “How Safe Is Your Home Birth?” by Jessica Gottlieb. I passed it on to several friends.

  9. The article I most enjoyed was Derek’s article about co-sleeping from a father’s perspective. His tip to see if we roll over tennis balls in our sleep cracks me up. While my husband always agreed with me that co-sleeping is the way to go, this article provided us with practical reasons to give our nay-saying friends and family.

  10. Maggy Graham says:

    I definitely enjoyed Home Birth Is So Normal, It’s Used to Sell Mattresses… the most. Love your website.

  11. I’m a new reader of Eco Child. I absolutely LOVED the article “Common Soil Bacteria Can Have Antidepressant Effects” by Derek Markham. I passed it on to several people, including my boss. I’m a pre-k teacher and have always believed that playing and digging in the dirt was good for you. Now I have the proof!! Thanks.

  12. After I read Placentophagy and Other Fun Uses for Afterbirth, I went and visited my parents. I have to tell you I had a great afternoon “torturing” them with info from the story! lol my dad was freaking out


  13. I really appreciate the post: “Get up, stand up, stand up for your birth”. More women in this country should trust their bodies and take more control over their birth experiences. Births are too “medical”. I also enjoyed the posts about home birthing.

  14. I loved the homebirthing article….it’s Gasp…Safe! that pointed to a study in Europe I think. Really infuriating how we are treated as pregnant women. I’m revisiting these articles, as we prepare for number 5 in the fall!

  15. I liked the PVC Floors Linked to Autism? and sent it to a friend! I love so many of your articles! such a great resource!

  16. Love the giveaway! The post that really caught my eye recently was on safe sunscreens for kids. My little boy just turned one and he is a redhead so sunblock is very important to me. I hoping as more moms switch to safer brands they will become more readily available in stores.

  17. I liked the article about greenwashing. it’s helpful to know which products are legit.

  18. I loved the stories about eco-friendly party favors. They were very useful when planning 2 toddler parties this fall, and I appreciated tips on where to look for non-plastic favors that children would really use!

  19. I saved “EWG Updates the Dirty Dozen.”

    My favorite articles are usually kids craft ideas (“Make Modeling Dough from Dryer Lint: A Tutorial”), recipes (“Simple Dessert: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cake”), and book reviews (“Book Review: A Natural Sense of Wonder”).

  20. i enjoyed the “fun with bugs” article! as a kid i used to play with bugs in my yard and collect the dead ones (okay, maybe that part was weird), but it was something i really loved and that post reminded me of how great our 6 legged friends can be. i think learning about insects can be very valuable for kids, it’s often instilled into children that they are “gross” and “scary” rather than emphasizing the benefits insects bring, some of them are even quite cute!

  21. all the home birthing articles definitely intrigued me. I hadn’t thought about it even though it was how I was born, but reading it here made me really consider home birth as an option.


  1. […] I asked for readers to share with me their favorite recent Eco Child’s Play story. […]

  2. […] I asked for readers to share with me their favorite recent Eco Child’s Play story. […]

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