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KidsKonserve: Making Their Cold Lunch Green

My daughter is currently enrolled at an environmental magnet elementary school. As part of their eco-conscious philosophy, they have a no-waste policy for lunches (i.e., nothing that comes in a disposable wrapper, non-recyclable container, etc), strongly encouraging kids to bring their cold lunches only in containers and bags that can be reused. It sounds oh-so-much simpler than it is, given how 99.99999999% of kids’ food items come in individually sized, disposable containers. And if you are also trying to pack the cold lunch in a bag that isn’t likely contaminated with BPA, other plastic byproducts, lead, or other materials you cannot see, feel, or read about (because the manufacturer isn’t about to advertise it on the tag), you might as well try to teach your children to fly while you’re at it. I was able to find one decent little lunch bag at Whole Foods Market, but that was my only choice. Not really the selection I was hoping for.

Then, by complete happenstance I ran across KidsKonserve.com.

Founded my moms/entrepreneurs Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton, their business is dedicated to providing eco-conscious parents with fashionable, creative lunch kits, water bottles, party paks…everything you need to turn your child into a little advertisement for sustainability (as opposed to one for princesses, teen pop singers, robotic killing machines, and so forth). They even come with reusable sandwich wraps, eliminating the need for those pesky yet convenient plastic baggies.

I immediately called up Christy at KidsKonserve and ordered two lunch kits, one with the butterfly pattern and one with the caterpillar motif. Not only are they adorable, but the stainless steal containers are perfect for packing sliced apples, chips, even yogurt. I then passed them along to the principle at my daughter’s school, and I seem to be having some difficulty getting them back. In short, she loves them and apparently so do most of the teachers. I suspect there may be as many teachers walking around with these lunch bags as students.

If you’d like to learn more about these brilliant bags, as well as opportunities to incorporate the products into your school’s next fundraiser, check out the KidsKonserve.com website. 


  1. I wish my kid was enrolled in an enviro magnet school! How cool! I’d like to learn more about this. I cofounded an arts magnet school years ago.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love the stainless steel containers and the kits!
    I will present it to our PTA at my son’s school – they are looking for waste-free alternatives.

  3. What a great idea – my kids would love these greta products. i will be checking the website out shortly.

  4. Michelle Q says:

    We’re also fans of the Laptop Lunchbox (plastic, but ‘safer’ types and USA made) as well as Wrap-N-Mats for sandwiches and Snack Taxi bags for chips/fruit/etc.

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