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Support the Ban Poisonous Additives Act of 2009 (Take Down BPA, Finally!)

We have a voice when we use it. Green parents are making choices with their wallets, at the ballot box and on social media that impacts the environment and businesses in real and meaningful ways. There are times when we have to realize that we can’t shop our way out of a problem by picking safer products. We need to have only the safer products available, so all children are protected, regardless how informed the parents are or how much money they may or may not have.

States, towns and jurisdictions are banning BPA, but it is not enough. We need congress to act on this, and the time is now.

We need to urge our federal representatives to support the “Ban Poisonous Additives Act of 2009” being introduced by Senator Feinstein and Representative Markey. This legislation will eliminate BPA from the everyday items our children use such as baby bottles, sippy cups, reusable water bottles, and infant formula containers.


BPA has been linked to numerous health problems, including liver and heart disease, hyperactivity, and damage to the reproductive systems of children. The Breast Cancer Fund also reports a link between BPA and breast cancer, as well as an interference with chemotherapy.

You can take action by visiting this link to Momsrising. According to an email from Momsrising,

“Lobbyists for the plastics and chemical industries are descending on Washington, DC in droves in an effort to stop federal legislation banning BPA. We need to let our legislators know that everyday citizens (also known as voters!), will not tolerate dangerous chemicals harming our children. Please forward this email to friends so they can send a letter too.

We only have two weeks to generate the co-sponsors and congressional support needed to move this important legislation forward.”

We know how dangerous lobbyists from the plastics and chemical companies can be: distorting data, citing their personally funded, biased scientists, and claiming hysteria among parents. This is in honor of the all mighty dollar and the continuation of the policy to use untested, unsafe chemicals in everyday products. We parents have to stand up to this huge multi-national, multi-million dollar industry.

image: Baby & Bottle by sunsurfr on Flickr under Creative Commons


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