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Natural and Gentle Bath Time with Belli Baby Calm Me Body Wash

There is always so calming about baths. Maybe it’s a reminder of our time in the womb when we floated freely and without worry. Regardless of the reason, it’s also a great way to create night time ritual and connect at the end of the busy day. I can not say enough good things about baths, so it is especially important to have the most natural and non-toxic cleanser for the tiniest of tots since they will be immersed in it.

Of course, almost all baby product companies claim their products are “natural” and “pure” but this seems to be more of a misleading advertisement rather than their commitment to bring safe products to consumers who don’t have the time or desire to do more than read the label that states it is, and so it must be. (That’s why there are sites like Eco Child’s Play to provide education on that… but I digress). It doesn’t help when FDA refuses to take a stance on reproductive disruptors like Phthalates and BPA.

But as with any darkness, there comes hope. Created by a physician who wanted only the very best for his then pregnant wife; Dr. Jason Rubin with his wife created Belli Skin Care, a line of natural prenatal and baby products that didn’t contain the dreaded Phthalates as well as other “xenoestrogens– ingredients which can act like hormones and interfere with normal development of the reproductive system”. The essential cleansing ingredient is coconut oil with some essential oil extract like Calendula and chamomile, both which have soothing qualities.

We have the Belli Baby Calm Me Hair and Body Wash and love it. I am very particular about smells so we haven’t branched out much in regards to Baby body products. We are a die hard Burt’s Bees Baby fan, but I have to admit Belli Baby comes very close to how divine it smells. The Belli Baby also has gift sets which would be the perfect Eco-friendly baby shower gift, natural yet luxe. The Belli Baby Calm Me Body Wash smells like Magnolia blossoms which takes me back to my Southern child hood with rocking chairs and sweet tea. This is a definite must try for any moms who won’t compromise quality but still want the most natural and pure product out there for their little one. This would be a fabulous gift for even “non-eco” moms. The presentation as well as packaging screams “high end”. Of course moms come in different styles and packages, so while this might not be the most tree-huggerish; it just shows that you can be green and stylish.

[This post was written by Susie Kim.]


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