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Baby Paraphernalia: 3-in-1 Multi-Purpose Cover for Shopping Carts, Infant Carriers, and Nursing

sprout shell chic infant carrier coversWhen I had infants, I was never one for buying all the paraphernalia many parents think they need to be successful (see Heather’s great series Baby Essentials that Aren’t).  One item I wish I would have had was a shopping cart cover, but I couldn’t see buying one.  Now Sprout Shell offers one that is multi-purposed, which makes it useful in so many more ways and thus more environmentally friendly, although I wish it was made from organic cotton fabric.

Sprout Shell is a 3-in-1 cover for baby. It can be used as a 1) infant car seat cover for cold weather, 2) a nursing cover for moms who want extra privacy (never a problem for me), and 3) a shopping cart cover.  It can also be used as a high chair cover when dining out.  “The Sprout Shell is the only infant carrier cover that is multiple products all rolled into one to save parents time, money and space.”

Like most of the companies we feature on Eco Child’s Play, Sprout Shell is a company founded by and operated by moms.  Supporting moms over multi-national corporations is definitely part of living sustainably, in my opinion.   Although Heather may not find this a “baby essential”, Sprout Shell at least has multi-purposes for the family that feels the need to protect their baby from the elements and germs in public places.


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