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5 Green Products: Organic Kimono Baby Clothing to Itchy Kids Silly Poems

firststeporganic1. First Step Organic Cuddly Bear Kimono Bodysuit

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality certified 100% organic cotton non-toxic apparel for your baby. Our hip and stylish organic baby basics collection includes short- and long-sleeve tees, snap-bottom bodysuits, wrap-around bodysuits and pants.

A cute little bear adorns the front above the words “natural life” on this soft, natural kimono style, long-sleeve onesie.  This adorable organic onesie is made with nickel-free snaps and 100% organic cotton that is GOTS certified.  Before reading this product’s description, I had never considered that the snaps in children’s clothing could contain heavy metals.

Would I buy this product? No. I know sustainability is expensive, but at $23 for something so little seems a little steep. Under The Nile organic long sleeve bodysuits are only $12, but they don’t have the cute little bear on them.

greentoysdumptruck2. Green Toys Dump Truck

Green Toys is great company that makes recycled plastic toys in the USA. Although I prefer sustainable wooden toys, sometimes plastic is best.  For example, plastic trucks, such as this dump truck, are perfect for sand and gravel play.

Need help hauling a big load while helping save the planet? Then the Green Toy Dump Truck is ready to get working. Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers that save energy and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Green Toys Dump Truck is possibly the most energy efficient vehicle on this or any planet. The super cool eco-design has a workable dumper and no metal axles.

Green Toys also makes a super cool recycling truck.

Would I buy this product? Yes, I actually have.  My son has had a lot of medical interventions and fears doctors. I resorted to bribery positive reinforcement the last time we went to the dentist with a trip to the toy store to try and relieve his anxiety. This dump truck was the only eco-friendly toy we could find in the toy store.  $20 may seem like a lot for a plastic toy, but recycling isn’t cheap!

EOhair3.  EO Products Hair Care

EO Products is a company I have long trusted for beauty and personal care.  Their new hair care line lives up to the same standards of being “natural, gentle, effective and free from animal testing” you would expect from this great company.  The new hair care line includes:

Besides the natural unique ingredients, such as quinoa protein and carrot oil, I love how many EO products are available in bulk gallon jugs.  Plus, these hair care products are made in Marin County, California, which is closer to my home than where most beauty products originate.

Would I buy this product? Yes.  EO products are affordable, and I regularly buy them for my family. I feel safe using these products on my children.

Screen shot 2009-12-17 at 5.46.22 PM4.  Degree 6 Clothing:  “Style for the conscious human”

Degree 6 (D6) Clothing is a line of organic, sustainable, eco-friendly fashion for the whole family. The children’s clothing is very cute, and I love how the label reads like a label found on food items. It contains information such as serving size, calories, fertilizers, toxic dyes, preservatives, etc. From t-shirts to jumpsuits, this clothing is made from organic cotton, bamboo, and/or recycled polyester. In fact, D6 chooses bamboo for its t-shirts because:

Manufacturing a single cotton t-shirt requires a whopping 700 gallons of water. This sobering statistic stands in stark relief when compared with bamboo. When it comes to water usage, bamboo is the clear winner; the same sized t-shirt made out of bamboo fabric requires 1/20 of the water that cotton does – or approximately 35 gallons.

Would I buy this product? Yes for sustainability, but I don’t know the price. Women’s t-shirts sell for $92, so I doubt these baby clothes would be within many people’s budgets.

itchykidsclub5. The Itchy Kids Club: Silly Poems for Itchy Kids

Itchy Kids Club provides support for children with allergies.  From environmental allergies to food allergies, it can be hard to be an itchy kid. The silly poems in this book make it a little bit easier by letting kids know they are not alone.

Woe is Me

My toes are itchy from the grass

My belly hurts from all the gas

My skin is tender from the rash

My hives are lumpy and aghast

Allergies from grass and trees

Belly aches from milk and cheese

Eczema from head to knees

Breakouts from food allergies

I don’t like being such a pain

I don’t like having to complain

But you must know how I disdain

These allergies make me insane

Having food allergies can be especially difficult for young children. My neighbor’s grandson has many food allergies.  The other day, his sister and some friends were eating cheese. He took cheese out of the refrigerator and told his mother he just wanted to look at it.

Would I buy this product? I don’t know. It seems expensive at $20 for a softbound book, but if I had a child who was really suffering from allergies, this book could be helpful. It may even inspire your child to write their own itchy poems.

Disclosure:  The products described above were sent to us as free samples, with the exception of the dump truck which I personally purchased.  Prior assurances as to the nature of the reviews, whether positive or negative, were not given.  No financial payments were accepted in exchange for the reviews.  The reviews reflect our honest, authentic opinions.


  1. I love the green toys trucks my son is getting the recycling truck for christmas and the dump truck for easter. I also really like the sprigg toys trucks he is getting 2 of those for christmas they are a little smaller then the green toys trucks but also a lil cheaper thanks for the great reviews!!!

  2. This is nice post i also bookmarked your site and look for more updates. thanks.

  3. I love the First Step Organic Cuddly Bear Kimono Bodysuit. I have found that as with anything you get what you pay for. The better made clothing is, the more it costs.

  4. First Step Organic Cuddly Bear Kimono Bodysuit suits my kid a lot. I am eager to buy a piece for my kid. I’ll present it on Christmas day.

  5. I love the Green Toys dump truck– they make some adorable kitchen toys too.

  6. Thank you for the supportive comments Tara and Cool Kids Clothes! I believe that with growing demand for organic products more fields will be converted to organic and making organic fibers more available and eventually the cost of organic clothing will come down. Until then, look out for promotions and free shipping offers. There are some great deals out there… :)

    First Step Organic

  7. Wonderful post. Keep up the good work.

  8. I want to buy Cuddly Bear Kimono Bodysuit for my kid. Nice write up…usually I never reply to these thing but this time I will,Thanks for the great info.

  9. Wow! What a cute and superb toys for my baby.. My baby love them very much…

  10. If you are looking for green clothing, check out these organic cotton clothes by Machja.

    I can guarantee you the high quality of these eco-friendly products, since I work for this company. :)

  11. Degree 6 Clothing: “Style for the conscious human” excellent what a great Idea a greater clothes. You people are really Cool…superb. I wholeheartedly appreciate it. Keep it up.

  12. Beautiful Collection of Clothes for this Year.. I love it…..even my child also…

  13. I love the idea of green toys for babys and children. Its a great thing to get kids familiar with the idea of being environmentally conscious and even better that these green products don’t lack in quality.


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