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Top 5 Natural Family Living Posts of 2009: From Almond Milk to Baby Food

Screen shot 2010-01-03 at 9.58.09 AMWe hope your transition to 2010 was filled with safety, love, health, and jubilance. It’s been an exciting year for Eco Child’s Play, as we have progressed from Green Options to the Simple Earth Media (SEM) family.

1. World’s Youngest Transsexual: 16-Year-Old Undergoes Sex Change Operation:

A German 16-year-old named Kim (born Tim) has become the youngest person to undergo a sex change operation.

Paid for by the German health service, psychologists stated he/she was “without doubt a girl in a boy’s body“. Since the age of 12, Kim has been undergoing hormone therapy.

2. Midwife Commits Suicide After Baby’s Death

After a colleague went on break, Ms. Naish was left in charge of a birth occurring at King’s College Hospital in South London. While the baby was in utero, a balloon was placed in his throat “to help his lungs develop”. The balloon has to be removed before birth, or he would not be able to breath. Ms. Naish did not pass this critical information on to doctors, and thus blamed herself for the premature infant’s death. Doctors believe the baby’s health was so poor, he would have not survived even if the balloon had been removed. Unfortunately, the midwife was not told she was not to blame, and she took her life as a result.

3. Cooking from Scratch: 5 Must-Have Staples

If you’re a typical Eco Child’s Play reader, you probably don’t need much coaxing on the value of cooking from scratch: it’s generally cheaper, healthier, and provides opportunities for family time and even education about food. It turns out that it’s also more climate-friendly: as Leslie Berliant points out at SolveClimate, the contributions processing and packaging make to greenhouse gas emissions aren’t huge, but they’re definitely significant.

4. Study Finds Cheeseburgers More Nutritious Than Baby Food

If asked which is more nutritious baby food or a cheeseburger, you’d probably guess infant food. Guess again…a study out of Britain has discovered that those little jars of mush aren’t that healthy. In fact, researchers found that cheeseburgers and chocolate biscuits were more nutritious than many leading brands of baby food sold in Great Britain. We aren’t even talking about a homemade cheeseburger but one from a fast food chain.

5. How to Make Homemade Almond Milk

Making almond milk is incredibly easy once you get your system down and my kids think it is incredibly delicious. They will drink it straight, add it to cereal, or use it to make chocolate milk or banana milk smoothies. Since I use raw organic almonds, I get to rest easy knowing that their milk, or “mylk” as many refer to it, is healthier for their little bodies and healthier for the planet. Nuts are an essential fuel for the body too.

I can’t help but feel that several of these posts hint at sensationalism; however, we felt compelled to pass on this information to our readers. We’ve also provided you with a lot of great advice on living healthier lives. We hope you have a wonderful year ahead!


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