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Gag Me Product of the Week: Chocolate Formula

enfamil Yep. You read that right. As if the formula companies weren’t grossing us out enough with their lies advertising and the “just like breastmilk” song and dance. Enfamil, the evil conglomerate that brought you formula that expands in baby’s belly (yucko!) has now introduced “Enfagrow Chocolate Powder Formula.

From the product description,

With more nutrition than milk, Omega-3 DHA, prebiotics, and a great tasting chocolate flavor he’ll love, you can help be sure he’s getting the nutrition he still needs even after he outgrows infant formula.

There are serious problems with this product. First off, why do toddlers, even those who are no longer breastfed, need an infant formula? Is “baby” not getting proper nutrition? And if so, how in the world is a chocolate-flavored formula going to solve this problem?

But Oooh! It’s “Premium”! Let me give both Enfamil and the chocolate-formula-buying population a few helpful hints:

  • Breastfeed. And don’t stop until baby is done. Yes, I know that the working world is often at odds with those who both have and are nourished by breasts, but do your best. That’s all any of us can do as parents overall, breastfeeders especially.
  • Feed babies (who are ready for solids) whole foods. Fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, and make sure that these are no-sugar-added buys. You know that Michael Pollan rule, “Don’t buy food with ingredients that your grandmother wouldn’t recognize”? That means that if you can’t understand the word, don’t put it into your body–or your baby’s.
  • Make your own baby food. It’s incredibly easy. Even as a full-time single working single mom, I was able to make homemade food for my boys so that I knew exactly what I was putting into their little bodies.
  • Remind me again about that childhood obesity problem?!

Let’s stay away from chocolate as an infant supplement, shall we? Common sense, people. As one Facebook friend said, after horrified by this crappy product,

Love the title with “grow.” There are lots of ways to grow, and not all of them are good.

Really, if you’re not buying adult formula for yourself, then you should not be buying chocolate flavored crap formula for your toddler.

Eat well, be well…from the start!

Thanks to this Facebook friend for giving me the heads up about this creepy product.

Image: From the Enfamil product Web site.

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  1. WEIRD. Just the other day at the grocery store I overheard one mother say to another, “Why don’t they make formula for older kids? They really should, it would be so much better.”

    THAN WHAT?!? I shuddered then, just like I did when I read this post.

  2. I am seriously disgusted with this……WOW! WOW! will our society ever figure it out?

  3. Doctor Mommy says:

    Ok so did you forget the Ensure is considered Adult Formula by classification of vitamines & nutrition??? Ensure comes in Chocolate,Vanilla & Strawberry flavors just like Toddler formula.(Which FYI EnfaGrow discontinued the Chocolate flavor.) So your telling me that your child eats DAILY the proper servings for your childs age?and doesnt eat or drink anything with chocolate or artificial sweetners or flavoring? Ok so who are you trying to kid, because you dont fool me, 99% of americans(including our youth & growing toddlers) consume many “unhealthy” food and drinks, studies show in moderation almost anything can be healthy.(I did NOT say ALL i said almost anything,meaning there are still alot of stuff that is bad even in moderation.)

    79% of Growing toddlers do NOT eat proper nutritious foods, and this is not because the foods arent offered to them but because MOST toddlers are picky eatters.

    I recomend Toddler formulas to anyone who has a toddler, but be smart when it comes to the flavored formulas. the flavored ones should be used as a “treat” NOT as a daily formula. The Unflavored should be the main formula,and if desired its ok to use a flavored one from time to time,this introduces your child to new flavors of a still healthy but good tasteing beverage. Just REMEMBER moderation is the key to eatting & being healthy.

    • When a woman has breastfed her child, you know, the way human babies are SUPPOSED to be fed, there is a much lower incidence of picky eaters. Formula fed babies get stuck with one nasty flavor until they start solids and convincing them to try new foods can be difficult. However, with breastfed babies, they get a tiny taste of whatever their mother has eaten. Therefore, when they start solids, each “new” flavor isn’t quite so new after all and doesn’t take as much effort to get used to.
      Bottom line: Feed your babies the way God intended for AT LEAST the first 6 months exclusively.
      Just like Ensure for adults, toddler formula is completely unncessary if you’re feeding your toddler reasonably healthy to begin with. And I say reasonably healthy as in, if you eat french fries once a month it’s not going to kill you. This is just another way for a formula company to convince ignorant Americans that scientists in a lab a workers in a factory SOMEHOW know better than mother nature. Pathetic.

  4. @Doctor Mommy: are you a physician? If you are, and you’re recommending these types of drinks, you’re doing your patients and their families a disservice. No, as a mother I do not give my children either artificial sweetners or flavors. At all. It takes a sharp eye when shopping, but my children are perfectly healthy. And their holistic pediatrician agrees and has never recommended supplementing with anything, though he did approve my giving them vitamins. I started my children feeding them the “Super Baby Food” diet, and now that one is a toddler and the other is a kindergartner, we’ve continued that healthy path, cooking the majority of our food at home. I’m sorry that upsets you so.

  5. Geez, I got an idea why not coca cola flavour too or maybe cheesburger aroma?
    Formula tastes yuck enough in itself never mind the value adding gimmicks. To think that folk used to get milk direct from the cow or build better babes from the human breast!!!

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