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Berkeley School Lunch Program: How to Improve School Lunches [video]

I work in public education, and I am always appalled at what is actually fed to children for their school lunches.  Whenever we bring this to the attention of the administration and school board, we are always met with the same budgetary reasons this can’t be changed.

I learned about the changes made to school lunches in Berkeley, California back in the 90s.  I’ve always wondered how they really made it happen.  Thanks to Lunch Love Community, we have a series of inspirational videos that “takes an intimate look at the groundbreaking Berkeley School Lunch Program and how the current thriving national school lunch food reform movement began over 15 years ago with a small but determined and passionate community of parents, teachers, and food advocates.”


  1. I just discovered Eco Child’s Play, and I think it’s a great blog!
    I am a high school student working to green my school and my life, and we have made many of these changes to our cafeteria food (local, organic, sustainable food, we take part in meatless monday, and grow a small amount of food on our city-sized terrace).

    I just started an environmental blog – http://2thegreenblog.blogspot.com/ – check it out if you like :)


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