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Pink Papaya and Baby Buggy Partner for January Parties that Help Needy Families

I admit, I have never heard of Pink Papaya, or their parties.  I really don’t understand the consultant/party business model, as it seems restrictive in allowing consumers access to your product.  In fact, when I looked up the product sample we were sent, I needed to contact a consultant for information on the website.  Now, that’s just plain annoying. Pink Papaya is using the month of January to host parties with children in mind.  Partnered with Baby Buggy, the Tinytini line was created.

During January 2012, 2% of Pink Papaya’s January Party revenues will be donated to support Jessica Seinfield’s Baby Buggy organization and anytime someone purchases one of our special, new Tinytini product, developed just for we’ll donate a Tinytini to a family in need. Click Here to purchase a Tinytini. Baby Buggy provides essential clothing and gear to familes in need. Baby Buggy’s product distributions are combined with comprehensive social service assistance, such as job training, financial literacy classes, and parenting support and education. For more infomation on Baby Buggy Click Here to be connected to the Baby Buggy website.

These products are:

  • Made in the USA
  • Not tested on animals
  • Infused with botanical extracts
  • Paraben-free
  • Contains organic ingredients

The Tinytini kit contains:

  1. Tushi Balm
  2. Bubbly Bath
  3. Baby Butter

Would I buy this product? No.  I think $32 is expensive for the size of the bottles, and it comes in what appears to be a vinyl bag. I would also would hat to have to attend a “party” in order to purchase.  I commend the company for donating to needy families, but I also think 2% is rather meager.

Disclosure: The products described above were sent to us as free samples. Prior assurances as to the nature of the reviews, whether positive or negative, were not given. No financial payments were accepted in exchange for the reviews. The reviews reflect our honest, authentic opinions.


  1. Pink Papaya is a direct selling company and by no means are you restricted to have a party in order to purchase from Pink Papaya. Pink Papaya offers parties in order to help men and women be able to earn their products and enjoy a spa experience with friends and family.
    As a consultant I have never felt more privileged to work with a company as I am with Pink Papaya. As for giving here is just a few ways we give back; Pink Papaya partners with Tapestries of Hope and the Get Child Network to promote self-confidence, education, and hope for a better life for women and girls in Zimbabwe, Pink Papaya partners with programs that reward, recognize, and promote young women raised in the foster care system who have chosen to pursue a higher education, and together on Mother’s Day we make it special for mom’s at agencies which advocates for the homeless and victims of domestic violence.
    I admit you should had been sent a brochure or catalog with your Tinytini sample; although if you look close enough it does have Pink Papaya on the front of the package and if you google Pink Papaya you’re going to see it at the top of your page. The reason for the Tinytini packaging was to make it convenient for mother’s on the go and wasn’t intended for everyday use. I have compared other sample packs and found them comparable in price and not a natural product. Pink Papaya is being very generous with the 2% they are giving to Baby Buggy through January and through March every Tinytini sold one will be given to someone in need.
    I hope this sheds some light on your concerns and you realize sometimes as a writer or blogger it’s best to ask questions or do more research before posting an article that could be damaging or not factual.

  2. I’ve been with Pink Papaya for 2 years. You don’t have to have a party to get our products, you can very easily go to a consultant web-site and order on-line. I have provided my site so if you’re interested in purchasing you can freely do that. The Tinytini’s are all natural products that last for a long time. Our products are concentrated so a little bit is all you need. If you’re looking for a Natural skincare,bodycare and color company that’s made in the USA and gives back through our Philanthropy programs then PP is where you need to be whether it’s strictly as a customer or as a consultant! You’ll love Pink Papaya!

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