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Children’s Literature: My Name is not Alexander

In the spirit of My Name is not IsabellaJennifer Fosberry has created a version for boys. My Name Is Not Alexander is the story of a little boy that dreams of being amazing men from history. From Jackie Robinson to Chief Joseph, this book not only teaches our children about great men, it includes various cultures and time periods in US history.

Who is your hero?

Alexander takes a rip-roaring historical adventure! Through his imaginative journey, Alexander discovers how great men become heroes: the roughest rider can be surprisingly gentle, a strong leader is also the most peaceful, and sometimes, being brave about what makes you different will not only help you break records, but inspire others.

Join Alexander as he learns how these remarkable men changed the world and encouraged him to find the hero within himself.

The best part is, of course, the ending.  Daddy becomes one of the heroes Alexander pretends to be, and then finally, it is Alexander himself.

“It’s me, Alexander,

the coolest, bravest, smoothest,

proudest, brightest, grandest,

greatest boy that ever was,”

said the little boy as he fell

asleep and dreamed about

who he would be…


Our children need heroes, real heroes.  Not pop musicians like Justin Bieber or athletes like Tim Tebow.  Greatness does come from talent, but that talent needs to be used to improve humanity to be a true hero.

Would I buy this book? Yes. There is nothing green about this book, e.g. recycled paper, soy ink, FSC paper.  I do really like the story.  It is empowering to young boys and very positive.

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