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Naturally Designed SuperCandy: Snap Infusion (Beware Vegetarians of Gelatin)

Kids (and some adults) like candy, so why not make it “super”? No high fructose corn syrup and low calories mean you don’t have to worry about your children eating this “supercandy”.  Plus, Snap Infusion is packed with vitamins; however, it appears to not be vegetarian.

We are SNAP Infusion®, the creators of SUPERCANDY®,
a quick and delicious snack made from stuff you can feel good about devouring. SNAP is packed with B vitamins to boost your energy, antioxidants to keep your immune system strong, and electrolytes so you don’t get dehydrated and end up a dried-out shell of your former self.

We were sent the following flavors of Snap Infusion to try:

Snap Infusion is made in the USA.

My vegetarian daughter noticed this “supercandy” contains gelatin.  When I first became a vegetarian at age 16, I learned that gelatin was made from horse hooves.   This may not be entirely accurate, as other random bone and cartilage parts are used from more than just horses.  PETA explains:

It’s probably no coincidence that gelatin rhymes with skeleton—because that’s exactly what it is—animal bones (along with animal skin, hooves, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage all boiled together into a goo that’s added to all kinds of candy and baked goods).

Would I buy this product?  No.  Unfortunately, this “supercandy” is not vegetarian or organic.

Disclosure: The products described above were sent to us as free samples. Prior assurances as to the nature of the reviews, whether positive or negative, were not given. No financial payments were accepted in exchange for the reviews. The reviews reflect our honest, authentic opinions.



  1. Are they food source vitamins?

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