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The Honest Company – Eco-friendly baby products

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The Honest Company – Eco-friendly baby products

What happens when a celebrity turns her hand to eco-friendly baby products? The Honesty Company is born!

Everybody’s favourite celebrity Mom, Jessica Alba has teamed up with environmental health guru, Chris Gavigan to create “The Honest Company to help Moms and to give all children a better, safer start.” Isn’t that what, as parents, we all want?

Alba discovered, when pregnant, that many everyday products, including those manufactured for babies, contained harmful chemicals. Concerned by this, she joined forces with Gavigan and the pair set out to provide parents with effective and affordable green baby products. The Honest Company offers a personalised, to-your-door service, as well as creating a healthy and safe environment for your children.

Offering both a diapers bundle and a family essentials bundle, The Honesty Company delivers your products straight to your door for a reasonably priced monthly subscription (Diaper bundles will set you back $79.95 a month). No more worrying about getting to the shops, just order what you need and it’ll arrive right on cue every month.

Made using bio-based wheat/corn materials, The Honesty Company diapers are super absorbent and completely biodegradable. The diapers benefit from moisture barrier cuffs and are comfortable and contoured for your baby. As well as diapers The Honesty Company provides baby wipes that are equally as kind to both the environment and your baby, using plant and vegetable extracts to gently cleanse your baby’s skin.

The product list doesn’t stop there, with shampoo, lotion, bubble bath, sunscreen, laundry detergent and much more on offer, The Honesty Company seem to have everything covered when it comes to eco-friendly baby products.

But, eco-friendly doesn’t have to be boring. Just take a look at the various design options, as well as being 100% non-toxic and made using plant-based materials, The Honesty Company diapers come in various patterns, including anchors, skull and crossbones and star print.

On their website, The Honest Company outline the standards they are working towards, which include sustainability and great service. Not only does The Honesty Company provide green products for your family, they ensure that their manufacturing and shipping is eco-friendly too.

As well as all of this green goodness for your baby, The Honest Company likes to give back. For every product we purchase from them, The Honest Company donate money and products to their nonprofit partner Baby2Baby – this company helps support families in need by providing them with essential baby products, like diapers, ensuring that all families are cared for.

So, put your trust in The Honesty Company, not only are they ecological, but they are ethical too and by looking after your family you will also be helping someone else’s.

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