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11 Classic, Retro Toys

It can be challenging navigating all of the gift giving options for children.  Every year, new toys come out, but rarely do any of them become new classics.

I still believe the best toys are classic toys.  If they were good enough for my children’s grandparents during a more simple time, they are definitely good enough for my kids.

Not all of these toys are plastic-free or made in the USA, but here are eleven classic toys:

    1. Standard Wood Unit Blocks
    2. Jacks
    3. Tinkertoys
    4. Flybar Wood Retro Pogo Stick
    5. Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Abacus
    6. Lincoln Logs
    7. Original Slinky
    8. Classic Etch A Sketch
    9. Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon
    10. Wood Walk N Roll, Push and Pull
    11. Fisher Price Classic Pull Toy: Snoop n’ Sniff


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