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Attention Media: Shopping is not news



As I gaze out at the beauty of snow on this post holiday morning, the after Christmas shopping news dominates.  Why are sales and what time Kohl’s opened this AM news?  How is this important?

As Americans, we have just celebrated winter holidays, whichever one you believe, by giving.  For most of us, giving equates mass amounts of consumerism.  Sales are reported, as retailers look to the winter season to save the economy.  Today, I hear items are marked down up to 85%. Turn off the TV.  I don’t care.

Are we not satisfied?  Didn’t we just spend enough money?

I do love a sale or good bargain, but today is not the day to go hunting for one.  The best present is presence. Today, I plan to be present for my home, my family, my body…not my shopping mall, not my bank account, not my debit card, not the economy.

Certainly there is something important going on the world today other than shopping sales.  This is not news to be reported to the masses. They can figure it out themselves.

Let’s enjoy the gifts we received.  Let’s not go searching for more.

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