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Environmental Children’s Non-Fiction: Sea Otter

sea otterEye on the Wild: Sea Otter by Suzi Eszterhas is a delightful non-fiction book that follows the life of a baby sea otter. The photographs are beautiful and the text written appropriately so young children can relate.

Far away in the Pacific Ocean, a baby sea otter is born, just a little bigger than a kitten. See her learn how to find food and look after herself. At first she floats in the water while Mom dives for food, and later she learns how to dive herself, for delicious clams and crabs, and how to sleep on a bed of sea grass in the water. By the time she is one year old she is grown-up and ready to have a baby of her own.

Even though this book is designed for children, I learned a few interesting facts. Did you know the sea otter has a “special fur pocket” under her arm she carries a rock in for breaking crab and clam shells?

My favorite photograph is of the sea otter with her paws over her eyes to shield the bright sun.

This book is part of a series designed for ages four to seven. I have read Eye on the Wild: Orangutan with equal pleasure.

Eszterhas photographs and writes her book in a very approachable way for children. By relating the baby otter to a kitten, children are immediately given a connection to personal experience and information. This is further supported by text references to the loving relationship between mother and child.

This is very accessible non-fiction for little ones.  I feel non-fiction should be read more to young children, as their literacy experiences are dominated with fantasy and fiction.  Furthermore, early love and appreciation of wildlife leads to environmental conservation as an adult.

This is a great book!

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  1. Is it just me that finds the otters in the picture cute or does everyone find them cute as well? I find this part interesting “By relating the baby otter to a kitten” are they approachable as well?

    Lastly I agree with this statement “This is very accessible non-fiction for little ones. ”

    Non-fiction books should also be read to children so that basic and simple information like wildlife and stuff is stored in their memories.

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