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Kids’ Music That Does Not Totally Suck: Ozomatl Presents Ozokids

OZOKIDZI am very particular about music.  I know what I like. I don’t want to listen to bad music, even if it is for my children.

It is very rare to come across a children’s album that is by a musician on my ipod.  Of course, there is Not for Kids Onlywhich is about the only kids’ music I can handle.

We were sent Ozomatli Presents OzoKidz.  I was quite excited, as I like Ozomatli Embrace the Chaos (it’s in my itunes library!).

Over the past seventeen years, celebrated Los Angeles culture-mashers Ozomatli have sung about everything from immigration protests and gang violence to Hurricane Katrina. But with their new project, OzoKidz, the band has immersed themselves in a whole new world of storytelling, one with a very different list of priorities: photosynthesis, spelling, balloons, germs, skateboards, and of course, a runaway moose…

“The big difference with OzoKidz is that the songs are all information based,” says Will-dog Abers, who takes a rare lead vocal turn on “Skateboard.” “You will learn how a tree grows. You’ll be tricked into exercising by dancing. We wanted to use upbeat, fun songs to help kids think about social issues, to learn about germs, to be educated about their world, to be healthy and active.”

I wanted to love OzoKidz; I tried to love OzoKidz.  Maybe I need to listen to it more.  Many of the tunes are very catchy, and children will soon be singing along.  My favorite song is “Water”. Thankfully, tap water is mentioned as drinkable.  “Spelling” is a fun song too.  Kids will learn to spell “bird” for sure from listening.

This is not a keeper around my home, but I will be donating it to our school.

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