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Pursuing your interest in health

A German nurse in scrubs.

Pursuing your interest in health

Green parenting is becoming increasingly popular today as families become more environmentally conscious and strive to find ways to reduce their negative effects on the environment. Many families are making the effort to reduce their consumption of energy and improve their carbon footprint in a variety of ways, including actively striving to cut their electricity and gas consumption wherever possible.

Times are also tough economically for families, with two-income families being more common than ever.  Having two working parents, however, means twice as much in fuel expenditures, increasing the family’s carbon footprint.  For these and other reasons, many parents are choosing to return to school, completing or pursuing a degree in order to secure a better job.

The healthcare sector is one of the fastest growing job sectors with thousands of jobs predicted to be added over the next five years.  Healthcare-related degree programs are plentiful online and offer a wide range of fields and concentrations to pursue.

Healthcare Careers

Formally restricted to traditional colleges and universities, nursing degrees have now become available through online learning.  Many of these programs are especially suited to people who have a nursing diploma or associate’s degree but wish to get a more advanced degree to make them more attractive in the employment market.  Many areas of specialty nursing, legal nurse consulting and nurse management require bachelor-level degrees to be considered for employment, with some even requiring a master’s.  Nurses are always in demand, and the career offers some of the most reliable and flexible employment around.

Flexibility is the key reason why many people pursue online learning; this allows the student pursuing a healthcare administration degree or any other type of healthcare degree the ability to complete coursework on a flexible class schedule that is good for them.

Administrative medical jobs are also in increasingly high demand; changes in legislation and regulation of health care will only stimulate an increase in these positions, including health administration and health services management.  Medical transcription and medical coding are also popular degrees with the added bonus of offering stay-at-home employment opportunities.

Finally, Allied Health management degrees, including medical technologist and medical assistant degrees, are also available through online learning schools.

Why online learning works for busy parents

Of course, the flexibility of online learning is one of the top reasons that parents choose these programs to further their education.  Between family commitments, personal time and, possibly, work, fitting in study time can be difficult.  With an online degree program, parents can complete coursework, listen to lectures and attend classes and study groups on a schedule that suits them.  Most programs are available to be accessed 24/7, making it simple to work as quickly or slowly as desired.


Getting a good education and a quality degree can be very expensive to accomplish.  Brick-and-mortar school’s tuition costs continue to rise, and together with the many other fees and necessities associated with a college-level education, including very expensive textbooks, many students find the joy of completing their degree marred by the enormous debts they have to pay off later.  Online learning has cut through that barrier, allowing anyone to access courses and programs at the best schools while at the same time removing many of those exorbitant costs.



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