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Teaching girls about their period naturally with Lunapads

lunapadsWhen I started this blog, my kids were just toddlers. Now we are transitioning into another time of change.

When I was approaching the age of menstruation, I remember being confused and frightened by what I read in books and pamphlets provided by school. They pictured women wearing these wonky belts to hold pads in place.  Tampons scared me.  Toxic Shock Syndrome!

When I learned to sew in high school, I started sewing my own pads from scraps of fabric.  These pads had to be safety pinned into place, and they often did not work well or shifted around.  Fortunately, there are reusable, cloth pads now on the market for women and girls.

Lunapads Washable Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads work great!

  • Replaces hundreds of disposable tampons and pads
  • Made of soft, absorbent 100% organic cotton
  • Features a nylon lining to protect against leakage
  • Pads and Liners are interchangeable for light, medium and heavy flow days
  • Also available in a Pantyliner, or a Pad and Liner set

Lunapad is offering a free pantyliner offer!

Lunapads are smart, sustainable alternatives to disposable menstrual pads and pantyliners. Washable menstrual products are easier on the planet as well as your wallet. With no added chemicals, perfumes, plastics or adhesives, they are also easier on your body.

Join the LunaRevolution and discover why thousands worldwide feel better about their periods!

Curious but not sure you’re ready to make the switch? Now you can try before you buy! Lunapads offers first time customers 1 Lunapads Pantyliner sample for just $5 shipping & handling — plus, you’ll receive a coupon for $5 off your next order.

Some conditions apply. Get your free sample here: http://lunapads.com/sample

This is really a great offer!

One of the best things about using reusable pads is that once you have enough, you never run out. I hate having to make a special trip to the store because it is that time of month.

Lunapads are essential when backpacking too!

If you are looking for a good resource to teach your young girl about her body, the best book is still the old standby Our Bodies, Ourselves: A New Edition for a New Era.  We’ve had many conversations in our family, but I think having a resource to refer to is also essential.


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